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Intelligent Relations

As society becomes more digital, Public Relations has transformed into Intelligent Relations by incorporating smart tools such as AI. What does this mean for communicators?

  • Communications is faster, more insightful and effective.
  • More investment in social-listening techniques and closer monitoring of trends.
  • Increased direct-to-target audience communications and personalized content.
Welcome to new horizons in the field of communication! #publicrelations #intelligentrelations



Look for our client, Vince Guzzo, President & CEO of Cinémas Guzzo, coast to coast this fall as he travels the country (virtually) to speak to our future business leaders. “With remote learning becoming the norm it is now more important than ever to connect with students and future business leaders to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and support business creativity. These traits have served me well and I am pleased to share my insights across Canada,” said Vince Guzzo, President & CEO, Cinémas Guzzo. #speakingopportunities #publicrealations #listentome
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In a speech made in 1961, John F. Kennedy was recorded speaking 327 words per minute, the fastest rate of public speaking in history. The average person speaks approximately 100 – 130 words per minute.


El Pollo Loco’s Inclusivity Campaign

Restaurant chain El Pollo Loco launched a holiday campaign to promote inclusivity by showing how food brings different people together. The ‘Kids on Culture’ effort includes a 30-second spot showing a diverse group of children discussing how sharing a meal promotes greater understanding.


#FGF Story – Time Travel to your Hometown

Google’s new experiment lets you time travel, virtually, with an open-source map that shows the changes to city streetscapes over time.


Are You a Match?

Looking for Parking Lots
A Toronto fitness center is looking for an outdoor space in the Forest Hill, Rosedale neighborhoods, or nearby.
BC Space Search
DIY retailer is looking for 5,000-10,000 sq. ft. in and around Surrey, BC.
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PROJEX®  by pop-up go

While pop-up go is dedicated to executing brick-and-mortar activations successfully, our team has developed a complete digital program called projeX® to assist brands in creating online experiences with the same goals in mind. Interested in being one of the first brands on projeX? Contact us at info@popupgo.com.



Looking to pop-up during the holidays?  Let us help you find the perfect space!
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#TrendAlert – Pop-Ups Get Winter-Ready

While we would normally be heading indoors as the days get shorter and colder, outdoor life has taken on a new life. Check out Fet Zun Camp a hunting camp–inspired outdoor dining concept in Toronto. The entrepreneurial drive of restauranteurs, and other business owners has no end. Need help with your winter pop-up? Contact us at info@popupgo.com.



Pop-Ups in Action

Read about recent and upcoming pop-ups that we love.
Nantucket Whaler, a classic American lifestyle brand, announced the mid-November opening of its new “Holiday Pop-up Shop” in West Palm Beach.
Nintendo announced that it is opening two pop-up shops in Japan to sell Mother merchandise as part of its Hobonichi Mother Project.
The Downtown Kingsport Association in Tennesse revitalizing the area with a pop-up shop program.
Electric Fish, makers of custom lamps using recycled vinyl, opened a pop-up shop in Delaware’s Tanger Outlets.
A Harry Potter inspired magical pop-up shop opened in British Columbia.
Glasgow Distillery opened pop-up shop in Buchanan Galleries to reach holiday shoppers.


#SpaceAlert – Free Pop-In Space Available

A retail cannabis store in Toronto is offering free space to host pop-ins for like-minded arts and craft brands.


Maximizing AR + VR

Brands are tapping Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to provide memorable experiences, tell compelling stories and showcase products in an interactive environment. Makeup and fashion virtual try-on solutions encourage customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.



Nearly 75% of the world’s leading brands are using virtual reality in some form to provide immersive experiences and forge strong consumer connections. Source: Business 2 Community


Dior Launches New Sneakers on Snapchat e-Commerce

Dior unveiled its B27 sneaker with an augmented reality (AR) lens on Snapchat that lets users of the photo-messaging app virtually try on and buy the shoes. Immersive AR experiences can help to engage passive browsers on mobile and potentially turn them into active buyers around the holiday shopping season.

Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) Codes
Measuring the impact of your marketing campaigns
UTM codes serve one purpose: to help track visitor source to calculate campaign impact. Here are the most commonly used UTM parameters:
  1. Traffic Source – tracks where the traffic originated from – Facebook, eblast, Google, etc.
  2. Medium – tracks the type of traffic the visitor came from – CPC, email, social, referral, display, etc.
  3. Campaign Name – tracks unique campaign performance.
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“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” — Coco Chanel