Looking for a major website or paper to cover your brand? Unless you know how to connect with journalists, the likelihood of getting the attention your brand needs and deserves is going to be tough, especially given the competition for attention in today’s media landscape. While coverage in any outlet can never be guaranteed, here are three tips to get you closer to the perfect pitch and the resulting coverage.

Hone in

Once you pull together a broad list of potential media contacts who might cover topics that pertain to your brand, start honing in on the most complimentary. Get to know the publication and the journalists. Find out which topics they cover regularly, recent stories they have published and resist the urge to mass email thousands of contacts where possible – it’s a big turn-off.


Script it

After establishing your list of key contacts and publications, draft your pitch. It should be to the point, highlighting key details without just rewriting your press release or brand history in the body text. Make sure to reference angles tailored to the journalist or publication and offer an interesting stat or reason their audience will care. Draw attention to the most important information early in the pitch or use bold/bullets to make it easy to pinpoint.


This will also help if you are pitching over the phone or making follow-up calls. Journalists are as time starved as the rest of us, so having the facts in front of you keeps the call short and to the point.


Be responsive

Be prepared that even with the best pitch and most targeted list, your brand may not get covered…this time. However, being ready to respond when there is an interest is essential. Anticipate the journalists’ needs and have collateral material such as images and video easily accessible should someone come asking. Have a sense of when your spokespeople will be available to answer questions or speak to the media. It’s always better to over, not under prepare.


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