MONTRÉAL (QUÉBEC) – February 2, 2021 – Creatium Equipment, a Canadian distributor of professional flood management and water control equipment, launches a national campaign to increase awareness of progressive flood protection devices. The campaign, referred to as #FLOODFORWARD, serves to educate communities, municipalities, and governments about the importance of flood preparedness and the urgent need to adopt innovative solutions that meet COVID-19 guidelines, as prescribed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, provincial governments, and occupational health and safety organizations across the country.

“Due to restrictive measures brought about by the pandemic, communities cannot solicit volunteers to help fill sandbags or open emergency shelters for flood victims, making this an especially stressful year for municipal leaders as they prepare for the spring flood season,” says Richard Gurberg, Owner of Creatium Equipment. “All our equipment and water management tools can be quickly and safely deployed with a crew of only two to five people, eliminating the need for volunteers.”

Gravity-fed and motorized sandbagging machines and water management tools, such as Aqua-Barrier® cofferdams and Floodstop barriers, are affordable flood risk-mitigating solutions that increase public health and safety, reduce environmental damage, as well as help protect homes, businesses, and infrastructure from rising waters. These solutions enable communities to feel safer, more protected, and better equipped to respond to flood warnings.

Climate change is further exacerbating the risk of flooding and making it increasingly difficult to predict when and where this catastrophe may take place. “One of the hardest hit provinces in recent years has been Québec, which has experienced several devastating floods,” says Mickey Lalonde, Business Development Manager at Creatium Equipment. The major floods experienced in 2017 and 2019 forced the evacuation of more than 15,000 people from their communities and cost the impacted governments over $1 billion in response and recovery efforts.[i]

Gurberg has witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by city workers and community volunteers trying to do their best to combat the wrath of floodwaters with thousands upon thousands of hand-filled sandbags, the main solution typically deployed. Filling sandbags manually is a tough job and a slow process. The Sandbagger machine offers an automated solution that can output up to 1,600 sandbags per hour. The equipment requires no special certifications to operate and is portable, so it can be loaded into the back of a truck and dropped off wherever it is most urgently needed.

Creatium Equipment stresses that pre-emptive action is critical to being prepared before the spring flood season arrives, which typically begins in March. Gurberg is confident that proactive decision makers will consider The Sandbagger, Aqua-Barrier, and Floodstop solutions for their superior quality and effectiveness when planning their flood preparedness and management strategies.

About Creatium Equipment Inc.

Founded in 2013 by Richard Gurberg, and headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Québec, Canada, Creatium Equipment supplies high-quality, professional flood protection devices, bulk sandbagging, and water control equipment to municipal, commercial, construction, and military sectors across Canada. In 2019, after identifying a market gap for multi-station gravity-fed, motorized, and specialized industrial sandbagging equipment, the company secured a deal with US-based The Sandbagger LLC and began distributing The Sandbagger machines in Canada. Creatium Equipment has since sold and shipped machines to numerous water-bordering communities in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. By Fall 2020, the company secured deals with two more US manufacturers and is now the only licensed distributor for all three of The Sandbagger, Aqua-Barrier®, and Floodstop barrier devices in Canada. Creatium Equipment is committed to providing innovative solutions for flood management and aims to revolutionize the way we prepare for and protect people, property, and infrastructure from flood events in Canada. For more information please visit

[i] Lemieux, Oliver. (2020, December 14). Ten regions will have their project office to counter floods. ICI Radio Canada.

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