#FG2021: Trends, tips and more for the New Year!

Wave goodbye to the old and embrace the new with hope, dreams, and ambition.

Wishing you a New Year filled with happiness! 

From the Zenergy and pop-up go team




Trend-driven Innovation Opportunities for 2021

Need some bulletproof guidance and inspiration after a turbulent year? TrendWatching curated 21 opportunities to help you imagine and build new products, services and campaigns that will have an impact in 2021 and beyond.


Content Marketing in 2021

Here are the seven biggest content marketing trends for 2021 from the Zenergy team:
  1. Build content communities
  2. Go live with video and webinars
  3. Improve content experience
  4. Focus on products and services
  5. Test AI-powered copy
  6. Double down on SEO
  7. Repurpose content across channels




The Best Organizational Tool for 2021

In the era of pop ups, rings, dings and buzzes, we have become nearly desensitized to reminders. One of the best organizational tools for 2021 is not your computer nor your phone, it’s a paper planner. Now, more than ever, we are inundated with emails, Slack messages, and meeting reminders on our laptops and phones, and paper planners offer a calm and non-disruptive solution to managing time. Here are four science-backed benefits supporting switching from technological tools to an old-fashioned solutions to be organized (source: Luxafor):

  1. Enriched focus
  2. Memory enhancement
  3. Improved motivation
  4. Reduced stress



2021 Public Relations Tips

This past year forced us to deviate from our plans and find new innovative ways to communicate. Here are some tips from Zenergy’s PR specialists as we head into 2021:
  • Be Prepared for a Crisis – The pandemic was a wake-up call for many having to manage crisis communications. Remember: the key to successfully maintaining your reputation is adapting quickly while being prepared to act on potential issues.
  • All Things Virtual – With social distancing guidelines, travel restrictions, and remote work life, most events are online. In this virtual world, communicators now have an ability to save money, reallocate budgets, and reach a much wider audience across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Creativity is King – 2021 should be a year of outside-the-box thinking and new ideas. Do not be afraid to brainstorm and experiment with new communication strategies and techniques that bring you outside of your comfort zone.






Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

Adweek announced their five predictions for brands in a cookie-less, post-pandemic world.
  • The cookie-less future – Chrome will stop supporting third-party cookies by early 2022, significantly altering how digital ads are targeted and tracked. Ensure that your company is prepared for these adjustments.
  • Continued COVID19 assessment – Which new customer behaviors and expectations will stick, and which will recede? Business leaders must be clear-eyed in evaluating their earlier forecasts and deciding whether to continue with related priorities or adapt to unexpected realities.
  • Ad spend following shoppers – The pandemic-driven spike in ecommerce, and its related impact on advertising budget allocations, are both projected to continue.
  • More brand-to-brand collaborations – We’ll see more company-to-company partnerships, including unexpected ones like Lego and Adidas. They serve to capture media attention, generate social buzz and allow for cross marketing to customer bases.
  • Increased action on social issues – The consumer push for brands to take a stand on social issues crosses generations but is most consistently propelled by Gen Z. Brand marketers will feel compelled and inspired to drive their organizations to adopt meaningful positions on social issues.





Seven Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 had a lot of digital marketers scrambling to keep up. It’s been a year like no other with current events dramatically shaping digital marketing trends. Although there are many new technologies on the horizon, most of the digital marketing trends are still evolving from 2020 and should still be considered when outlining a digital marketing strategy for the new year.
    1. Digital business pivots may become permanent.
    2. Social media will become a top channel for purchase vs. discovery.
    3. Informed buyers want to buy from informed brands that evolve from personalization to personal commerce, where consumers co-curate their experiences with brands to reflect their preferences at any given moment.
    4. Virtual events started out of necessity but are here to stay because of their ROI and accessibility.
    5. Culling social media channels to only the most relevant will be necessary.
    6. Live interaction with virtual events will increase to ensure two-way audience engagement.
    7. AR in digital engagement will grow in popularity (especially with Facebook now owning Oculus and numerous AR patents).






The Five Biggest Retail Trends in 2021

Forbes forecasts how the retail world will continue to change over the course of 2021, as the pandemic and other factors continue to influence consumer habits.
  1. Omnichannel: Offline is online, online is offline – Connecting technologies are enabling retailers to bring the convenience of online shopping to offline shops, and the richly interactive environment of offline shopping to the world of ecommerce.
  2. AI increasingly customer-facing across the retail industry – Newer AI technology is moving from back-of-house to front-of-house, with customer-facing initiatives such as chatbots and virtual assistants.
  3. Autonomous deliveries and fulfilment – Widespread adoption of deliveries made by self-driving vehicles and drones.
  4. See it, like it, buy it! – Purchases made directly from manufacturers through influencers, advertising and even TV shows are likely to become an increasingly prominent part of the retail landscape.
  5. Personal shopping at scale – Well-heeled shoppers are used to receiving personal attention when shopping at high-end stores and personalizing their high-value purchases. However, technology is now ushering in a new age of mass-personalization, allowing this to be carried out at scale.



#TrendAlerts 2021 

Here are some of the hottest search topics and insights into why, as of today:
  • Natural Skincare – The natural skincare market, think turmeric masks, is currently worth $38.2B and is expected to reach $54.5B by 2027.
  • Retro Comeback Products – Mario Bros, fanny packs, the new Moto Razr (Motorola’s iconic flip phone) and corduroy.
  • At Home Tinkering – Amplified by COVID lockdowns, people are looking for fun and novel ways to occupy their time at home. Think sourdough baking, setting up a garage gym, composting, and designer puzzles.
  • Smart Appliances – 11% of American consumers currently own at least one smart appliance – smart grills, smart scales, smart coffee makers, Bluetooth thermometers, smart dishwashers, and smart ovens to name a few. This market is set to grow from $28.5B to $67B by 2025.


“Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it’s starting a new business, whether it’s leaving home, whether it’s getting married, or whether it’s flying into space.”

– Chris Hadfield