Wishing everyone a very happy and safe #Halloween!

Twitter teamed up with some of UK’s renown illustrators to bring to life hilarious and relatable Halloween Tweets to the streets of London after dark.Check them out.


Gated Content

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of B2B businesses say they rely on content gating in order to capture contact details from prospects and customers (source: Finite and CogniClick). Content that is ‘gated’ means that it can only be accessed after information is provided – in most cases, an email address. #ProTip – Enticing gated content can serve to drive valuable leads. Need help developing a gated content strategy? Contact us at info@zenergycom.com.



There will be 2.77 billion monthly mobile messaging app users worldwide by the end of this year. That’s over 35% of the global population! Source: MobileMarketer


3D Renderings

3D renderings are being used in everything from virtual trade show booths, online showroom displays and even incorporated into marketing materials and video production. Zenergy provides turnkey 3D renderings service. Have creative design needs? Contact us at info@zenergycom.com.