We’ve all been there….spending an obscene amount of time staring at a blank screen hoping a genius idea will pop into your head. Here’s our creative team’s way of finding inspiring strategies to fuel great ideas!

1. Nature

As cheesy as it sounds, there is intricate design everywhere you look. Nature has a way of flawlessly creating visually-balanced landscapes and patterns that are extremely pleasing to the eye. Take a walk and make sure to focus on the patterns that form around you. Broaden your scope by taking a 360-degree approach in examining your surroundings – you’ll be amazed at what you find on the ground in front of you and in the cloud formations above you.

Take a look at the way the light appears when it shines through layered leaves. The abstract patterns that it creates are a refreshing look that could take your design to the next level.

2. High traffic locations

Sometimes we forget to look at the market to see what’s out there. Designers can easily get stuck using the same design trends and their work can begin to look repetitive. A great form of research is to experience design the way it was meant to be… as the end user. Getting into the mindset of a potential customer can open new doors and remind you of the purpose of your design.

For example, a quick visit to a mall to experience different approaches and other media can also be beneficial. You may notice a store display colour scheme that sparks your next idea, or even the cut of a t-shirt someone happens to be wearing will impact your design process.

3. Dreams

Your ability to come up with new ideas is completely dependent on your brain. Often, people forget to exercise this important tool. A great way to do this is by dreaming. Fun fact? We all dream. Every night. Multiple times. So in actuality, the exercise is to remember the dreams. A great way to start is by creating a dream journal. You may not think you remember your dreams, but usually a thread remains right when you wake up. Write them down to stretch your mind… and over time, it will become easier to recall your dreams.

Although this method may not directly give you an idea, it helps to train your brain and fuel your creativity.

4. Just relax.

After staring at a screen for too long trying to come up with an idea, it’s so important to spend time NOT thinking about it. Design inspiration can be hidden away and found in the most unexpected of places.

Sometimes having a coffee with a friend and engaging in a great conversation can stimulate your brain to help move it along in the brainstorming process. You may find inspiration from a movie trailer, a radio jingle or by experiencing another form of artistic expression. Even though this may not be applicable to your design creation, it may help you to discover a new way to communicate a visual design.

Happy inspiration hunting!

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