Planning an event? Whether it’s a corporate mixer, a fundraiser or a sporting event, Zenergy Communications recommends starting by defining needs and setting goals in order to achieve the results that your organization desires.


A good starting basis is to use the SMART acronym as a method to help your team understand and set objectives:


Specific – Set goal that speak directly to short-term and long-term organization needs

Measurable – Make sure the goals are quantifiable, for example “getting new members” is not measurable, but “increase membership by 5%” is

Agreed – All relevant stakeholders should agree to proposed objectives before undertaking to prevent miscommunication

Realistic – While goals should be challenging, it is important to ensure they are achievable and feasible

Timed – Commitment to a deadline helps a team focus their efforts and monitor their success along the way and ensure targets are met


Once these elements are defined, your events team can continuously evaluate and revise SMART as their needs and goals change.

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