If you are looking to spread the word about your company, getting your story in the media can be a great way to do it. However, it is essential to have an understanding of what is going to be valuable to journalists before your craft your message. For example, a new backend technology update for website functionality might draw the interest from a tech writer who focuses on website design but it may not interest the consumer facing tech reporter who covers new “tech toys” and the latest consumer product release.


So the question is, what makes a story newsworthy? Here are four things to consider before sending your story to the media:



Your news should be just that: new to readers. This can include a product or topical announcement, and must relate to the interests of the media outlet and of course their readers.



Think about whom you are trying to reach and why. Whether it’s a local issue or has a global connection, targeting is key. For example, a national paper would be less likely to cover a local event than a community paper would be.



Experts, leaders and influencers can help draw more attention, so consider including them as spokespeople if possible. And don’t forget in today’s media climate many CEOs have taken on celebrity status roles, not only in their industry but broadly. Leverage this potential within your communication.



If your news does not fit the above look for the audience connection. It may be worth sharing because of the affect it will have on a company, person or subject readers care about.


Do you have news you think might be media worthy? Contact the Zenergy team at info@zenergycom.com to help plan your messaging and craft stories that will grab the attention of your audience.