Close your eyes and take a second to think of your favorite shampoo, running shoe or laptop. Does a specific brand come to mind? Maybe it’s Pantene, Nike or Apple. The reason for this is because these companies each have a distinctive brand identity.



Brand identity or brand awareness is how consumers know and recognize your company and its products. It is created and cultivated by a company to reflect the unique value propositions it delivers to its customers and includes everything from a logo to the typeface used. The more distinct, memorable, and cohesive the elements are, the better it will be.



A strong brand identity means you will be the first product/company that comes to mind when your key consumer is making a purchasing decision. In a sea of unlimited options and choices, being top of mind gives your company a competitive advantage in the market. It also helps to generate brand loyalty, meaning consumers will go out of their way to purchase your product, even when there are other options. A strong brand builds confidence, optimism, and respect amongst supporting consumers.



Building your brand identity takes time and consistent effort. It is important first to plan a strategy for how you want to be recognized before you begin developing the creative or messaging statements. A unified concept for all your branding materials is essential, so make sure you take a holistic approach to creating your logo, slogan, and key messages.


Once these key elements have been determined they should repeatedly be utilized; repetition is vital for boosting brand awareness. Integrate them into all marketing, advertising, public relations and social media efforts to strengthen the visibility of your brand identity.


If you utilize social media channels, and you should be, increase your presence by interacting with your target consumers, which helps to build a community around your brand. Speaking directly to your customers can help you gain valuable insight into what they want from your brand and how they wish to interact with you. You may also find it useful to work with influencers who share your values and have them promote your brand’s voice across their social media.


Remember that your brand identity is not static and will probably need to evolve over time as your company grows and adapts to a constantly changing market. Rebranding is sometimes necessary; however, always maintain a sense of familiarity and consistency.


Your brand image is more than using a logo or catchy slogan; it’s about establishing an integrated identity that consumers want to interact with because they connect with your values as a company. Once you understand this, you will be well on your way to developing a powerful identity for your brand.


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