With today’s saturated markets and time-starved consumers, it is crucial for marketers to seize every opportunity to introduce and promote their brand, product, and company. An essential part of that approach is through lived experience to satiate today’s consumers’ desire for a deeper brand interaction on their own terms.


Brand events are experiences that foster in-person engagement and conversation, which are important to business growth and an integral component of the marketing mix. Event marketing includes everything as simple as handing out samples or as complicated as planning a global entertainment tour. While the possibilities are endless, they are all centered around a strong theme or concept to leverage in-person engagement, drive brand awareness and build relationships with customers.


Events also create a brand buzz by provoking consumer and media dialogue and leave them with a lasting and powerful impression. These activities can also be used to generate new leads (activations), drive demand for your product or service (sales), and build trust with future customers (reputation).


As social media and technology tools continue to experience significant growth, it becomes increasingly important to stay relevant and promote events using a multitude of strategies, specifically digital ones. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook campaigns can leverage a small event through a filter or hashtag and encourage total participation.


Incorporating event marketing into your marketing mix is a powerful tool for achieving increased visibility and customer engagement. After all, the most successful marketing campaigns are those that include multiple touch points.


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