As a business owner or a department head, you are constantly prioritizing, whether because of a lack of available time, skill sets or resources. Often, this means either eliminating important initiatives or finding a solution. Engaging with external resources such as an agency is one such solution; in the case of marketing and communications, that’s where Zenergy Communications can be a great fit.


Here are five common signs it’s time for your company to outsource:


1. Sales are sluggish

You know that your product and/or service is viable, that associated costs are market acceptable, and your sales team is performing well. However sales are still lagging. This may be due to an ineffective marketing strategy. Agencies can perform perception and communications audits to help you understand how your product/service is currently perceived. This will help establish an appropriate strategy to tackle stagnant sales.


2. No time

Everyone feels it; there are just not enough hours in the day to get through your to-dos. And sometimes the urgent elements push everything else down the list, such as developing your marketing strategies or working on your social media content. So why not pass this responsibility on to someone who specializes in these areas? An experienced agency can invest the time and effort to conquer these lagging to-dos and, in turn, help your organization succeed.


3. Not sure if you are spending money on the right tactics

Marketing impact can sometimes be hard to interpret and when the outcomes are not where they should be, figuring out the root of the issue can be an even bigger challenge. That’s where an agency can provide clarity and help get you over this hurdle. The right agency will invest their time to assess key performing indicators, metrics and establish exactly what the results mean. From there, the agency can develop an appropriate plan that will meet goals and hit targeted metrics.


4. Marketing isn’t your forte?

No one can know everything, so why should you be different? One of the most impressive qualities of a leader is the ability to admit that they don’t always have the answers. Delegating marketing needs to specialists means entrusting the area of your business you’re not as skilled in into the hands of those with years of experience. Agencies such as Zenergy are made up of talented individuals that specialize in everything from strategy and market research to media buying and capturing the perfect Instagram post!


5. Save money!

Many people think agencies are a luxury and a huge investment. However, this is not always the case. Agencies give you access to content developers, web experts, graphic designers, social media specialists and much more. All of these individuals can work on an ad-hoc basis or on a set fee, reducing a number of fixed human resource costs and often times making the investment less costly than an employee. Additionally, these experts are in touch with timely new trends and collaborate with team members, providing more value than one individual.


If you’ve never worked with an agency, making the decision to do so may seem daunting as there are many to choose from and making the selection is not straightforward. Take your time to determine what you need help with, establish your desired outcome and the profile of the agency you’d like to work with. You may want to start slowly by transitioning select projects to get your feet wet.


If you are looking for an established boutique integrated communications and marketing agency with international experience and multilingual capabilities, Zenergy Communications may just be what you are looking for! Connect with us at or call toll-free at 1.866.440.4034 to set up a meeting today.