Normandin Beaudry’s Total Rewards Communication Practice Becomes the Largest in the Canadian Industry with the Addition of Three Key Members

Toronto, Ontario and Montréal, Québec – May 15, 2023 – Normandin Beaudry, leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services, is pleased to announce the addition of three key team members to its Total Rewards Communication practice, making it the largest and most diverse in the Canadian industry. The newly appointed experts include Tom Milne – Principal, Alex Freitas – Multimedia Designer, and Dianne Gavieres – Consultant who join the nearly 20 specialists in the practice.


“Our new colleagues in Toronto will support our national team in designing and implementing communication strategies to help our clients win the talent war using total rewards initiatives that are well understood and appreciated. We’re confident their contribution will further distinguish Normandin Beaudry in the industry,” said Anne Boucher, Partner and Communication Practice leader.


Normandin Beaudry’s Total Rewards Communication practice will continue to work closely with its clients to ensure their internal communication strategies are relevant, innovative, and aligned with their employer brand and HR practices.


The entire Normandin Beaudry team welcomes their new colleagues and wishes them much success in their new responsibilities.


About Normandin Beaudry

Founded in 1992, Normandin Beaudry is a leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services. From its offices in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, nearly 350 employees serve clients across Canada in eight areas of expertise: Pension and Savings, Pension Plan Administration, Investment Consulting, Group Benefits, Compensation, Health, Performance, and Communication.


Total Rewards Communication Practice

Normandin Beaudry’s team of nearly 20 specialists is the largest in Canada. Our multidisciplinary experts work closely with clients to ensure that internal communication strategies are properly planned, coordinated, consistent, and aligned with their human resources and organizational objectives. For more information, visit:


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Garnica Announces Plans to Open New Plant in Uruguay

Garnica’s eighth facility in Treinta y Tres, expected to begin operations in 2024, will support all markets including rapidly expanding presence in North America

Logroño, Spain and Wilmington, DE, United States – May 10, 2023 – Garnica, a global leader in premium sustainable plywood manufacturing, is expected to open its newest plant in 2024 in the city of Treinta y Tres, located in the northeast region of Uruguay. With over 1.1 million hectares of sustainable tree farms, Uruguay provides a consistent supply of primary materials from the country’s flourishing forestry industry. Garnica’s decision to establish operations in Uruguay was based largely on the country’s stability, high level of professionalism in the industry, access to quality raw materials with the highest sustainability standards, and strategic location to numerous markets, including North America.

“This is an incredible opportunity for us to continue to grow and boost our international presence,” Garnica’s CEO, Christian Michel, stated. “The strategic location of this new plant in Uruguay will allow us to increase our production capacity, diversify our raw materials, and expand our product portfolio.”

Garnica has always been committed to providing employment opportunities in rural areas and to driving socioeconomic development in the regions surrounding its plants. The new plant is expected to create jobs for over 150 qualified factory and office personnel as well as the indirect employment of construction workers and machine operators. Garnica will also collaborate with local institutions to promote economic development in the area to ensure the success of the project.

Objectives of the Treinta y Tres plant

The facility will improve and expand Garnica’s product portfolio as the region provides access to the Eucalyptus grandis wood, a local and sustainable species of FSC® certified tree farm wood that is new to Garnica and will complement the company’s signature poplar wood products.

Construction of the plant is anticipated to begin in the next few months, with plywood production expected to commence in 2024. Following the land transfer on April 18, 2023, the Uruguayan Minister of Work and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, welcomed Garnica to the country and publicly endorsed the project citing it as a significant source of quality employment and economic development for the area.

About Garnica
Garnica is a leading global manufacturer of premium, sustainable plywood. Its unwavering commitment to responsible forestry and the promotion of a circular economy has been integral to its identity since 1941. The company offers lightweight, durable plywood for a range of applications including furniture, housing, transportation, and interior design. With 1,200 employees across its seven European production centers, Garnica’s dedication to responsible forest management, quality products, and unwavering reliability makes it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.


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FG276: Zenvolution

#ZenergyNews: Brand Evolution

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, the idea of brand evolution came to mind. While for Zenergy it’s in response to celebrating a milestone, the need to evolve can be as a result of changing market conditions, consumer preferences, industry trends, and much more. Rebranding involves a strategic blend of innovation, consistency, and authenticity, in order to maintain relevance and capture new audiences while staying true to core values. From subtle logo modifications to complete brand overhauls, the evolution of a brand encompasses visual identity, messaging, product/service offerings, and customer experience. It is a continuous journey of growth and adaptation, enabling brands to forge deeper connections with their target market and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
Congratulations to our client Uniboard on their 40th anniversary. They highlighted this milestone with a logo modification created by our design team!
Need help with branding or will you be celebrating a milestone soon? Contact us to learn how we can help.

#ProInsights: Website Design Best Practices

Here are seven website design best practices from Zenergy’s Senior Art Director, Shehla Shahid, that can lead to increased engagement, longer site visits, and higher conversion rates.
  1. Ensure that your website matches your brand’s visual identity.
  2. Make sure that your site is responsive.
  3. Design an easy-to-use navigation menu.
  4. Develop content that elaborates concise messaging.
  5. Be consistent with the design throughout the site.
  6. Encourage engagement with strategic call to actions.
  7. Optimize the site for search engines.

#ClientNews: Larochelle Groupe Conseil Achieves B Corp Certification

Larochelle Groupe Conseil, a Quebec-based consulting firm specializing in data enhancement and digital transformation, turned to Zenergy’s team of content developers and PR specialists when they were ready to announce that they had received B CorporationTM (B CorpTM) certification. The B Corp certification, administered by B LabTM, is a designation indicating that a business has met high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency in governance, human resource management, community involvement, respect for the environment and its relationship with its customers.
Zenergy’s PR outreach initiatives resulted in Larochelle Groupe Conseil being featured in La Presse, Ad Week, trade associations, and IT digital media.

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#ProInsights: Marketing Transformations

Beyond the brand, nearly all aspects of marketing-communications go through some form of transformation. Here are some of the most popular themes that will drive change:
  • Digital Transformation: Analyzing marketing strategies and operations to embrace digital platforms, technologies, and channels to reach and engage with customers in a digital-first world.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Examining the evolution of customer journey mapping techniques to better understand customer behaviors, preferences, and touchpoints across various channels and devices.
  • Personalization and Customization: Investigating marketing efforts to deliver more personalized and customized experiences to consumers, leveraging data, AI, and automation technologies to tailor messaging, offers, and recommendations.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Incorporating sustainability and CSR initiatives into marketing strategies, responding to growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices.
  • Influencer Marketing: Tracking influencer marketing and leveraging influencers to connect with target audience, build brand awareness, and drive engagement.
  • Content Marketing: Analyzing content marketing strategies, including the shift from traditional advertising to storytelling and creating valuable, informative, and engaging content that resonate.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Embracing data analytics and insights to make more informed marketing decisions, optimize campaigns, personalize experiences, and measure performance more effectively.
  • Brand Loyalty and Advocacy: Investigating approaches to fostering brand loyalty and advocacy, including loyalty programs, referral programs, and user-generated content strategies.
  • Experiential Marketing: Incorporating immersive and interactive experiences, events, and activations to create memorable brand moments and forge deeper connections.
  • Brand Reinvention: Exploring the strategies and tactics employed by brands to reinvent themselves in response to changing consumer demands, market dynamics, or shifts in industry trends.

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#FGStory: South Africa’s Hemp Hotel is the Tallest Building Made of ‘HempCrete’

The Hemp Hotel is world’s tallest building made of industrial hemp and is set to open in June in South Africa with breathtaking views over Cape Town’s Table Mountain. At twelve stories tall, it is made of carbon-negative materials and will capture more carbon in the walls of the building than what was emitted to manufacture them. The HempCrete blocks from Afrimat are made from water, lime, a cement binder, and South African hemp. Along with selling to corporate clients, the blocks have also been used to build a number of social housing projects in South Africa and neighboring Mozambique.
#DidYouKnow: World’s First Banner Ad
Did you know that the world’s first ever banner ad was launched in 1994? It was part of a digital advertising campaign by AT&T promoting its ‘You Will’ campaign. It appeared on the website (now known as and had a simple message: “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will”. By clicking on the banner, users were taken to an AT&T landing page, marking the beginning of a new era in digital advertising. This small banner ad paved the way for the today’s online advertising industry.

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Company will showcase their high quality, sustainable plywood products and introduces new North American leadership

La Rioja, SPAIN – May 5, 2023 – Garnica, a world leader in premium sustainable plywood, is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the 2023 Interzum Trade Fair from May 9 – 12. The company’s European team will be present alongside the newest North American senior executives, Christian Michel, Niels Boelema and Hugues Paulin who will help to support company expansion in the USA and Canada.
Garnica will be showcasing its extensive collection of non-conflict panels, created from sustainable, fast-growing tree farms in Spain and France, which offer superior quality and the broadest range of dimensions and thicknesses available on the market. Perhaps most exciting is its line of Reinforced products that rivals Russian and Baltic birch plywood in terms of strength and durability, but with the added benefit of being roughly 10% lighter, readily available, and sustainably sourced and produced in Europe. Additionally, Garnica’s Reinforced line is non-tariffed and PEFC and CE2+ certified. Its maple-faced version make this product the ideal choice for interior decorative applications and its multiply composition is perfect for exposed edges in artistic furniture and fixture designs.
In addition to the Reinforced line of plywood, Garnica will feature its other exciting new innovation, Infinity, a line of ready-to-use digitally printed decorative panels. This technology recreates the most in-demand designs over premium European poplar plywood, challenging the ordinary and offer architects, designers, and contractors exceptional, yet economical, solutions, no matter the scale or application.
“We are thrilled to be back here at Interzum in Cologne, one of the most important industry tradeshows in the world to showcase our exciting innovations,” said Niels Boelema, Chief Commercial Officer. “In a time defined by heightened concern for the environment, we take great pride in meeting the growing demand for premium plywood that is sustainably produced and doesn’t sacrifice quality or durability. Garnica is committed to constant evolution and expansion of our product line to support the unique needs of woodworking and design professionals across the globe.”

About Garnica
Garnica is a leading global manufacturer of premium, sustainable plywood. Its unwavering commitment to responsible forestry and the promotion of a circular economy has been integral to its identity since 1941. The company offers lightweight, durable plywood for a range of applications including furniture, housing, transportation, and interior design. With 1,200 employees across its seven European production centers, Garnica’s dedication to responsible forest management, quality products, and unwavering reliability makes it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.
For more information on Garnica, visit their website
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FG276: Rainbows and lollypops

#DYK: Livestream Selling

#DYK that livestream selling is a channel estimated to generate $68 billion in total sales by 2026 (Source: Coresight Research)? From showcasing new products to educational and informative content such as tutorials, livestream commerce events are community-driven digital versions of TV shopping channels of yesteryear. This fun new spin on an old concept has analysts forecasting that the channel will grow significantly. According to research conducted on behalf of the popular social video platform TikTok, over 52% of global users stated that they would be interested in consuming live branded content. Livestream is not just for B2C, in fact many manufacturers are using the channel for product demonstrations to reach audiences in a new engaging manner.
Interested in evaluating livestream selling?
Download our livestream selling tips and tricks sheet or contact us more information.

#ClientNews: PAPP Pushes Forward with a New Social Media Strategy

We’re pleased to be working with PAPP International, an independent book publisher who was looking for an agency partner to lead their social media strategy, content development, and creative to support the company’s aggressive growth objectives.
Zenergy Communication is not new to publishing… in fact we’ve been responsible for PR for publishers and creators of both children and adult books. We even have authors on our team!

#ProInsights: Developing an Agile Marketing Strategy

No matter what type of business you have, it’s imperative to have a clear marketing strategy and plan tactics accordingly. But what happens when circumstances change, and you’re forced to pivot? Agility is a key marketing skill not to be underestimated. There are many different reasons behind why a company might need to do so, and numerous types to be considered. Here are some examples:
  • Technology: enhancing marketing efforts.
  • Customer/target audience: making a shift as to who to target marketing efforts towards.
  • Channel: reconsidering marketing channels being used to engage with the intended target audience.
  • Overall business: beyond the marketing strategy itself, rethinking your overall business model and adjusting it to one that is more aligned with your intended target audience may be required.

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#ZenergyNews: Springing into the Financial Side of PR 

Whether you are planning an upcoming IPO, need to re-evaluate your capital market communications plan, or simply need help with your day-to-day financial communications, Zenergy’s multilingual IR team can support your needs across North America.
From developing full-scale investor relations (IR) programs to project-based strategic consulting on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), sustainability, and issue communications, Zenergy’s team of seasoned IR specialists work as an extension of your team to maintain and grow stakeholder relationships that drive value for your company.
We offer bespoke business solutions to drive investor awareness through clearly articulated messaging to highlight your investment value. With 360-degree vision and expertise, we are dedicated to achieving awareness, and bottom-line results for you.
Learn more, download our Investor Relations Factsheet.

#ProInsights: Adjusting Social Media Strategies to Prioritize Social Responsibility

Social responsibility, ethics, and transparency matter to the modern consumer. This may be why 89% of marketers who create social responsibility content intend to increase or maintain their plan investment for this year – almost double from 2022.
For example, 50% Gen Z-ers and 40% of Millennials want companies to take a stance on social issues, specifically racial justice, inclusion, gender inequality, and climate change. With this in mind, companies have begun to adjust social media strategies to focus more on inclusive initiatives, promotions, and offerings, while highlighting causes or missions they support.
#FGStory: From Overpass to Community Sporting Complex
In the urban sprawl of Mumbai, kids have an awesome and surprising new place to play cricket, basketball, badminton, skate, run and practice yoga. What makes it different from a traditional park? It’s a 20,000 ftspace built under a highway overpass in Navi Mumbai. Photos and videos of the kids playing in the new complex has caught the attention of urban developers and administrators who celebrated the clever transformation of an unhappy space into one of real joy.

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Omni-Channel Strategies for Success with Zenergy Communications

As featured in Canadian SME Business Magazine

In our conversation with Linda Farha, founder and president of Zenergy Communications, she highlights the significance of tailored digital marketing training for small retailers, emphasizing its role in their success and community economic development. She discusses the ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ module, detailing its key components and potential impact on local economies. Linda also addresses the challenges faced by local business owners in today’s dynamic retail landscape and offers valuable recommendations to help small businesses thrive in their industries.

Linda Farha, an experienced communicator, and marketer with some of Canada’s most respected mid-sized organizations, knows how to deliver bottom-line results in today’s fast-paced environment. During her 20-year tenure in the corporate world, she devised successful strategic solutions for both national and international organizations. Linda’s energy, entrepreneurial nature, and ability to understand specific organizational needs and budgetary constraints, allows her to deliver optimal marketing and communications strategies. She created Zenergy Communications driven by a seasoned team of entrepreneurial spirits with complementary skills to support all marketing and communications needs.

Her experience is vast and includes media and investor relations, branding, license development, sales management, customer relations, and international business development. Her last tenure in the corporate arena was as Vice-President of Boomerang Tracking where she helped bring the company to a #1 ranking in the Deloitte & Touche Canadian Technology Fast 50 Awards Program. Linda has also worked in Italy where she assisted in the development of business and marketing strategies for European enterprises. Her industry background ranges from high-tech services (automotive), financial services (insurance), to retail (clothing/food) and fashion (manufacturing).

Linda was the volunteer president of the Farha Foundation – Quebec’s largest AIDS fundraising organization for over 10 years. She is trilingual and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics for Commerce from York University and studied Graphics Arts Management at Ryerson University.

When did you start your career? And what are your responsibilities at Zenergy Communications?

I am the founder and president of Zenergy Communications, a leading integrated marketing-communications agency. After working for various corporations over a 25-year span, I left a senior position with a publicly traded company in 1993 to start Zenergy. I felt that there was a void in the marketplace for a boutique firm led by industry experts that could address a broad range of client needs, without the large agency fees and bureaucracy. My experience includes media and investor relations, branding, license development, sales management, customer relations, and international business development. I have worked and represented companies in a multitude of industries from high-tech, financial services, and manufacturing, to retail, fashion, and non-profit.

Why do you believe that providing small retailers with tailored digital marketing training is crucial for their success and for the overall economic development of the community?

Tailored digital marketing training can help small retailers develop and implement effective marketing strategies that are specific to their online business needs and target customers. Leveraging an omni-channel approach to marketing helps small retailers increase their online visibility, engage with customers, and drive sales. Small businesses represent 99% of the national economy and they are the economic engine of our communities. Giving them the resources to remain competitive in an evolving economic landscape can help communities create more job opportunities, encourage tourism, increase tax revenues, promote entrepreneurship, and create sustainable businesses.

What are the key components of the ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ module, and how do they specifically cater to the needs of small business owners?

The ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ module includes a masterclass followed by six accelerator sessions that guide small business owners through the process of content development, social media strategies, and creating marketing campaigns using relevant channels, platforms, and devices to promote products and services to customers and prospects. The module provides an integrated understanding of omni-channel and digital marketing possibilities along with one-on-one sessions for personalized support. Specifically, it caters to the needs of small business owners by breaking down barriers and making digital marketing strategies and tactics more accessible and comprehensible. The information presented in the module is specifically developed with small business owners in mind and is delivered by retail marketing and communications experts.

How do you envision the impact of the ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ module on local economies, in terms of generating tax revenues and supporting essential services like libraries, schools, and parks?

The ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ module has the potential to positively impact local economies by helping small businesses grow their customer base, increase sales, and drive tourism which in turn generates tax revenues and supports essential services. When small businesses are properly able to market to their audience and prospective customers it can help generate business and attract new visitors to communities. As small businesses begin to thrive, they create new job opportunities and contribute to the overall economic development of the community.

Can you describe the current challenges that local business owners face in the ever-changing retail landscape and how the partnership between Zenergy Communications and Retail Strategies aims to address these issues?

Local business owners are currently faced with a host of challenges, including understanding the latest digital marketing trends and opportunities, adapting to changing customer expectations, and remaining competitive with larger retailers. The partnership between Zenergy Communications and Retail Strategies aims to address these issues by providing bespoke digital marketing training to small business owners, helping them better engage their customer base and succeed in the evolving retail landscape. Having a comprehensible step-by-step marketing strategy to follow puts power back into the hands of small business owners, helping them to maximize their business potential and grow their customer base.

What specific recommendations would you like to share with small business owners to help them prosper in their respective industries, ultimately contributing to the success of their organizations?

Small business owners must focus on building a strong brand identity, delivering exceptional customer service, and leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies. It is also important that they stay up-to-date with trends in their industry and constantly look for innovative ways to market their products and services. For example, experiment with pop-up locations or host creative and interactive livestream product launches. By working with partners like Zenergy Communications and Retail Strategies, communities can support their small business owners who will gain the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in today’s ever-changing retail landscape.



FG276: (Z)energy and a pot of gold

Getting Media Coverage Takes More Than Luck

If you’re looking to have your story covered by journalists, it’s time to ditch the four-leaf clover and develop a solid communications strategy.

Here are some winning tips from our Director, Sarah Hoodspith who leads many of Zenergy’s  PR campaigns:
  • Identify appropriate outlets and journalists. Do your research!
  • Choose your timing. Deliver pitches in a timely manner but be mindful of bad timing.
  • Adapt based on your audience. Adjust your content to make it relevant for each target segment and their audience.
  • Spend time on the top tier. Take the time to write a personalized message to key media and explain why you’re reaching out to them by suggesting story ideas, interview opportunities, etc.
  • Follow up, but don’t be pushy.
Zenergy’s PR team has developed media outreach strategies for all sorts of industries from high-end fashion and spirits to manufacturers and technology. Here’s a snapshot of our 2022 PR campaign initiatives:
  • Executed in 4 languages.
  • Reached more than 1 billion people.
  • Featured on TV, video, radio, podcasts, print, and digital platforms.

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Content Development… Don’t Chance It!

Content marketing can include blogs, newsletters, press releases, social media, eblasts, etc. No matter the format, make sure that your content tells a story, ensures brand positioning, and supports marketing and sales efforts.
Here are a few quick tips:
  • Establish goals – what are you looking to achieve?
  • Develop strategy and key messages.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Select the content format(s).
  • Craft actual content.
  • Establish a budget to promote your content, if applicable.
  • Map out distribution timelines.
  • Distribute content.
  • Track your results.
Download our Content Development Handout and learn some tips on creating valuable content.

#DidYouKnow: Think Big, Shop Small

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard alongside our partner Retail Strategies to develop a module for small business owners looking to develop their marketing strategies and expertise. The module is called ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’, and over the course of one webinar and six subsequent sessions, Zenergy team members cover everything retailers need to know so that they may effectively leverage today’s digital and social media environments. We look forward to continuing to grow this partnership with Retail Strategies and help small business owners across North America thrive. For more information, click here!

De-Influencing and Gen Z

Gen Z is a consumer segment (born between 1995 and 2012) that wants to make more intentional and sustainable purchases. Given this, they have a greater interest in content developed by de-influencers – social media influencers promoting what they do not recommend. Examples include Sephora employees posting about beauty products not to buy and trade influencers sharing the types of materials they don’t recommend.
To address this, companies wishing to target Gen Z are recommended to focus on multiple micro- or nano-influencers who present products in a more authentic manner rather than a larger ‘bought and paid for’ influencer. Compared to mega-influencers, micro- and nano-influencers often have higher engagement rates and greater authenticity, driving better results and stronger return on investment.
#FunFact: In general, marketers categorize influencers into three groups:
  • Mega-influencers: 100k+ followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10k to 100k followers
  • Nano-influencers: 1k to 10k followers

#FGStory: Watch How Contents Moved Over 100 Million Years

The last 100 million years of continental movement have recently been calculated by scientists and illustrated in a 23-second video, to an astonishing 10-kilometer resolution. Watch the video above to learn how our world came to be.

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Navigating The Global Labor Shortage: The Benefits Of Outsourcing

How A 20-Year-Old Boutique Agency, Is Meeting Growing Demands In The Global Outsourcing Market.

Author: Zenergy Communications

In a period defined by labor shortages, outsourcing has become a crucial strategy for companies seeking to remain competitive and fill gaps in their teams. Labor shortages can occur for a variety of reasons, including a mismatch between the skills of available workers and those required for open positions. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic expedited the exodus of an aging population, thereby further exacerbated an already strained labor market. The global outsourcing market is expected to reach $525 billion by 2030, and Zenergy Communications, a women-run boutique agency is well-positioned to serve these growing demands. Although there are a multitude of reasons why more and more businesses are starting to outsource their MARCOM and MARTECH needs to companies like Zenergy, the most notable benefits are


Cost savings: Outsourcing can save companies money by reducing the need to hire and train full-time employees. Additionally, agencies often have economies of scale that allow them to offer services at a lower cost than in-house teams.

Access to specialized expertise: Outsourcing firms typically have teams of experts with specialized skills and experience in specific areas of marketing, communications, and PR. This can be especially beneficial for companies that do not have the resources to build an in-house team with the same level of expertise.

Flexibility: Outsourcing allows companies to adjust their marketing, communications, and PR efforts as needed, rather than being locked into a fixed in-house team. This can be especially beneficial for companies that experience fluctuations in demand for their services.

Time savings: Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core business operations, rather than spending time and resources on managing marketing, communications, and PR efforts.

Scalability: Outsourcing enables companies to easily scale their marketing, communications, and PR efforts up or down as needed, without having to worry about the costs and logistics of hiring or laying off employees.

Increased efficiency: Outsourcing firms often have well-established processes and systems in place, which can lead to increased efficiency and better results for the client.



Zenergy’s secret to 20 years of success lies in its ability not only to deliver quality results, but also to become an extension of each client’s team, supporting their vision every step of the way and seamlessly pivoting to meet evolving needs,” said Linda Farha, President & Founder, Zenergy Communications. “We are proud to support B2B and B2C companies of all sizes, providing bespoke business solutions tailored to achieving their goals.”



Zenergy is a leader not only in its approach to being an extension of its clients’ teams but is also helping to change industry standards and shatter the glass ceiling for women.


Many Happy Returns?

As featured in Screentrade Magazine

Given that Exhibition can no longer rely upon the studios to deliver audiences, as had once seemed to be the case, the canvas is definitely changing amid cinema operators’ more recent efforts to implement their own marketing strategies, as Zenergy Communications’ Linda Farha summarises.


In 1905, the first movie theater in North America – a 96-seat storefront operation – opened its doors in Pittsburg, PA. It was called The Nickelodeon and, in the ensuing years, thousands more locations would open across the the industry developed. It was the beginning of cinematic entertainment as we would come to know it. Fast-forward 118 some years to the present day and the basic concept of movie-going hasn’t actually changed that much: it’s still either a classic date-night activity or family outing, complete with snacks, much plusher seating and amenities, and a darkened-room shared with fellow movie-goers.

What has ITAL dramatically changed, however, is the modern, multi-faceted manner in which cinematic content is now distributed and consumed and – according to the latest report from Digital TV Research – the global streaming industry will hit $100bn by 2025, doubling its value from the $50bn that Subscription Videos on Demand (SVOD) revenues generated in 2019. This increasing trend towards streaming has made it even more challenging for theaters to attract audiences as these platforms have become both a convenient and cost-effective alternative to movie-going. The studios, themselves, have also drastically cut-back on their ad-spend, using instead their own streaming platforms to promote new movies where their audience is already engaged, and where the cost of such advertising is, well, free.


So, does this all mean that the future of the theater is effectively dead? Absolutely not. What it simply means is that exhibitors can no longer rely upon the studios to drive audiences to theaters using full-scale advertising campaigns. Instead, they need to become both creative and resourceful with their marketing if to entice audiences out of their homes and back to big screen-viewing; and this starts by creating an atmosphere that’s more interactive and immersive than indulging in mere streaming-from-the-couch.


“Exhibition can no longer rely on the studios to drive audiences using full-scale ad-campaigns… instead, they themselves must become more marketing-savvy by creating a more interactive and immersive theatrical atmosphere.”



So, how to do it? Theater operators do need to create original and engaging campaigns that employ a variety of marketing and digital media techniques to promote movies while showcasing their location as a true centre for entertainment, and might include:

o   Continuing to offer Q&A sessions with filmmakers so that the audience has a good opportunity to ‘meet directly’ from the people who made the movie and to learn more about further as-yet-undiscovered aspects of the filmmaking process. Theatres can also project a list of thought-provoking questions following a screening and encourage conversation among audience members and make movie-going a more interactive experience. A staff member can be present to moderate a panel discussion. Also, if consumers know ITAL they can only access special events at the theater – then  FOMO, the ‘fear of missing out’ – will be more likely encourage them to make the effort to attend

o   Geo-targeted advertising aimed at specific geographic regions made visible to users based upon their locations, either through GPS or IP addresses. Movie theatres can use geo-targeted ads to reach people within a certain distance of the theatre, for example, those within, say, a five-mile radius. This allows exhibitors to reach a local audience and promote upcoming movies, showtimes, and special events to nearby people who are most likely to be interested. People receive geo-targeted ads through various channels including:
-Mobile Devices: Geo-targeted ads can be delivered through apps and websites using location-based services
-Social Media using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which permit advertisers to target users based on their location, so that a movie theatre can deliver ads to people who have interests related to movies, entertainment or the film’s topic itself
-Online Display Ads
– geo-targeted display ads can be delivered to people via websites and apps that they visit e.g. a cinema could target those who are reading articles or watching videos related to movies, entertainment, the film’s topic, again, or even the featured actors. In each instance, the ads are delivered to people based on their current location, allowing movie theatres to reach people who are nearby and most likely to be interested in their offerings

-Google Ads Search Campaigns also allow for the advertiser, in this case the theatre to appear first when someone searches for movie showtimes in the area. Google Ads campaigns are based on a pay-per-click model meaning advertisers compete with others by bidding on a specific keyword to have their site display prominently in Google searches.

o   Offering special promotions and discounts to further incentivize movie-going e.g. announcing ‘early bird’ discounts to patrons who purchase tickets in advance, while providing better cash flow management

o  Promotional pricing for traditionally slower times to help drive sales e.g. half-price Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Additionally, theatres can offer dynamic pricing e.g. tiered-seating rates to attract those who don’t mind less optimal seats for lower pricing

o   Regularly revisiting and sprucing existing loyalty program offers with new and improved offers

o   Bundling movie-tickets in with other entertainment options like bowling, arcade games, or miniature golf so as to round-out the entertainment experience and thus leading to productive cross-promotional offers

o   Investing in remarketing/retargeting: that is, the practice of reaching out to individuals who have previously interacted with your brand and prompting them to buy tickets. An example of this would be creating a targeted Instagram (IG) advertisement for someone who had previously searched for – or who had watched a trailer of – a newly-released movie. The remarketed version of the ad should use wording that assumes the IG user’s knowledge of the film, given that they had previously searched for the movie, or watched the trailer, and delivers personalized messaging.

As already outlined, exhibitors can no longer rely upon that which had ‘always seemed to work before’, meaning that it’s now become their ITAL own ITAL responsibility to attract audiences, since the studios amid their proprietary platforms have developed their own insular networks and ad-strategies leaving theater operations to devise and take charge of their own tactics. So, while audiences are ready to get out and into theaters, they still need an incentive even amid their high expectations. Consequently, exhibitors must be strategic, nimble, and flexible in their marketing approaches.

So, there we have it, even though the presence of the studios’ streaming platforms continues to make it both complicated and challenging, there are still plenty of ways to attract audiences to theaters. By working ever-hard to offer a great all-round movie-going experience, also exclusive content, and by chipping away at devising more special promotions and discounts, it is hoped that Exhibition can continue to stand the test of time as well as for decades to come.

Linda Farha
is President & Founder of Zenergy Communications: a full service, multi-lingual marketing and communications agency specializing in public and media relations, branding and creative design.




TORONTO, ON and BIRMINGHAM, AL – February 15, 2023 – Zenergy Communications, a leading integrated marketing-communications agency, today announced its exciting new partnership with Retail Strategies, a US-based consulting firm that works with communities across America on economic development and downtown revitalization. The first of many collaborative projects includes a webinar entitled ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel’ supported by sessions guiding small business owners through the process of creating marketing campaigns using relevant channels, platforms, and devices to promote products to customers and prospects. The new module provides an integrated understanding of omni-channel and digital marketing possibilities along with one-on-one sessions for personalized support.

Linda Farha, Founder and President of Zenergy remarked: “Our Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel masterclass along with six supporting tailored intensive sessions will help retail owners maximize their business potential and grow their customer base even amidst these uncertain economic times. The landscape of digital marketing is constantly evolving, as are customers’ expectations, and small business owners must now be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies. This module was designed to do just that.”

“Small business represents 99% of the national economy and they are more than the heartbeat of communities; they are the economic engine,” explained Jenn Gregory, President of Retail Strategies’ Downtown Strategies division. “Our team is confident that this unique program, developed by Zenergy Communications, will break down barriers for small business owners and make digital marketing strategies more accessible and comprehensible.”

The partnership promises to put power back into the hands of small business owners by giving them the training and resources they need to better grow and engage their customer base and convert that engagement into sales. This relationship between Zenergy and Retail Strategies will continue to deepen as they expand the Omni-Channel for Retail module to communities across North America and work together to develop new sessions across various sectors. 

About Retail Strategies 

Retail Strategies is the national expert in recruiting businesses and strategically developing communities. Their mission is to provide the real estate expertise, tools, and human effort that position deserving towns as alluring locations for national businesses and destinations for tourism and quality of life amenities. 

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