Garnica Launches Preferred Partner Community

The program promises to strengthen relationships and drive sales growth through tailored initiatives for select distributors.


Wilmington, DE, United States – February 20, 2024 – Garnica, a global leader in premium sustainable plywood manufacturing is pleased to announce the launch of its Garnica Partner Community (GPC), a thoughtfully curated program for select distributors. This unique program offers exclusive benefits and opportunities, customized to preferred product selection, sales volumes and customers. Designed to strengthen relationships and drive sales growth, the GPC emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to its extended network, from distributors to customers.


The GPC offers a volume-based rebate system, exclusive access to training and leadership support, product samples and technical resources. CEOs of select distributors will also become members of the Garnica Distributors Advisory Board, providing an opportunity to meet with Garnica and other Preferred Partners and strategize business opportunities across North America. To remain innovative and responsive to evolving product demand, Garnica will collaborate closely with the GPC to modify existing products and develop new ones.


“The GPC underscores our dedication to fostering strategic partnerships and driving mutual success in a dynamic and ever-evolving market landscape,” explained David Smith, President of Garnica’s North American Division. “This exciting initiative is poised to enhance collaboration with our select group of distributors and develop market-centered products that address customer needs effectively.”


The GPC represents a transformative step in the company’s journey, reaffirming its dedication to the North American market. The program also underscores a commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships and driving mutual growth and operational efficiency in the plywood industry as a whole.


About Garnica

Garnica is a leading global manufacturer of premium, sustainable plywood. Its unwavering commitment to responsible forestry and the promotion of a circular economy has been integral to its identity since 1941. The company offers lightweight, durable plywood for a range of applications including furniture, housing, transportation, and interior design. With 1,200 employees across its seven European production centers, Garnica’s dedication to responsible forest management, quality products, and unwavering reliability makes it a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.


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FG276: For the love of connections

Connecting Marketing to Business Objectives

Aligning marketing efforts with business objectives is crucial for achieving success. It is imperative for marketers to understand key business objectives so that marketing strategies are tailored to reach corporate goals.
Whether the focus is on increasing market share, launching new products, or strengthening customer relationships, a well-connected marketing approach ensures that every campaign contributes directly to the overall success of the business. This alignment fosters a strategic mindset, enabling marketing teams to make data-driven decisions that have a tangible impact on the bottom line.
Here are some examples of business goals and how marketing initiatives can support them:
  • Revenue Generation: Aligning marketing efforts with revenue goals ensures that the activities undertaken have a measurable impact on the company’s bottom line.
  • Brand Awareness and Equity: Establishing and enhancing brand awareness, cultivated through marketing efforts, can contribute to increased market share, customer acquisition, and long-term sustainability.
  • Customer Engagement and Retention: By implementing strategies that focus on customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention, marketing can contribute directly to customer lifetime value and loyalty.

Loving LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a dedicated platform for individuals to connect, build, and expand their network, making it an excellent resource for potential connections. The platform allows important relationships that go further than conventional social media by enabling the exchange of concepts, knowledge, and trends, thereby promoting thought-leadership.
Furthermore, businesses can interact with potential customers, partners, and industry managers, establishing relationships that can lead to profitable collaborations and partnerships.
Did you know that Zenergy offers social media training with a module dedicated to LinkedIn for Professionals?

By 2025, almost 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur through digital channels.
Source: Gartner

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#ServiceFeature: Commercial Real Estate Marketing 
Clearly communicating the unique features and potential uses of commercial real estate (CRE) properties is essential. Marketers must tailor messages to appeal to specific industries or businesses that could benefit from the property’s characteristics to create compelling narratives that resonate with potential tenants or investors.
#ProTip: Combining visually appealing content, strategic digital marketing efforts, and a focus on unique selling points will help create a compelling CRE marketing strategy.
Watch this video for a sample of some of our work in CRE.
2024 Valentine’s Day Consumer Trends
Sparks are flying this Valentine’s Day as consumers get ready to show their loved ones how much they care. According to the 2024 survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics, a projected $25.8 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day this year in the US.
The NRF predicts that in the US:
  • 53% of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Average consumer will spend $185.81, representing record spending with new highs in the romantic gift categories.
  • The top gift will be candy (57%).
Wishing all our FG readers a very happy Valentine’s Day!
ESG: It’s Everywhere. Spoiler Alert: It’s Here to Stay.
Employees, customers, and stakeholders alike understand the importance of complying with evolving environmental and social standards. In fact, they are key factors in decision making among investors. If your company is looking to expand, develop, and communicate its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategy, our IR team is here to help.
In an era where options have become seemingly endless, there’s no reason to settle for an IR solution that doesn’t fit your company’s unique needs. Many firms offer an ‘all or nothing’ approach but at Zenergy, we pride ourselves on adapting and offering a personalized approach.

What We’re Reading

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#FGStory: Conservation Triumph: Revitalizing Ecosystems and Species Worldwide
Island Conservation, a non-profit conservation organization, has successfully cleared 65 islands worldwide of a deadly invasive organisms, benefiting 1,218 populations of 504 species.
For example, eradication programs have restored the native habitat on Seymour Norte and Mosquera islands on the Galapagos archipelago, befitting seabirds like the Frigatebird.


“In any business, it is crucial to think of everything as being connected. We often try to segment and compartmentalize areas of our business, but in doing so, we inadvertently create silos and inefficiencies. Recognizing and fostering interconnectedness not only enhances collaboration but also drives innovation and sustainable growth for the entire organization.”
Linda Farha
President, Zenergy Communications




Toronto, Ontario, February 1, 2024 – Normandin Beaudry, a leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services, released the results of its pulse survey on salary increase projections. Launched in November 2023, the pulse survey was conducted by the firm’s compensation experts to evaluate how initial 2024 salary forecasts, which were determined in the summer, have evolved over the last several months. More than 430 Canadian organizations participated in the survey over its month-long run.




Revised budgets indicate that salary increases remain aligned to initial forecasts

Results of the pulse survey reveal that 36% of participating organizations reported changes to their initial budget forecasts made over the summer months, with 44% increasing their budget, and the remaining 56% decreasing their initial 2024 salary budget.


Overall, the average Canadian salary increase budget forecast for 2024 remains steady at 3.6%, the same as the summer forecast. However, on a year-over-year basis, the survey shows that the average salary increase budget is expected to decline, after the upward trajectory observed between 2021 and 2023. Darcy Clark, Senior Principal, Compensation, at Normandin Beaudry, explains this phenomenon: “Companies are trying to find the right balance between managing their compensation spend and remaining cautiously optimistic. While less bullish than last year, it’s important to note that forecasts for 2024 remain above historical norms, and greater than current rates of inflation.”

What type of companies are making changes to their budget forecasts?

Organizations that reported decreases to their initial salary budget were primarily from the technology sector.[1] The more conservative increase budget forecasts from the survey may be linked to substantial increases to compensation programs already implemented over the last several cycles, which reported high salary increase budgets over the past years, cost reduction efforts, and the decrease of pressure for talent in the market.

Organizations that reported a rise in their initial salary increase budget were primarily from niche industries.[2] These increases can be linked to the competitive nature of the market, inflation, and as a strategy to retain key talent.


Additional budget for more flexibility

In addition to a salary increase budget, 41% of participating organizations plan to set aside an average additional budget of 0.9% in 2024. “Organizations that are setting aside additional budgets are positioning themselves to be better equipped in responding to challenges throughout the next compensation cycle,” explains Clark. “This provides organizations with an opportunity to address internal inequalities more thoroughly with ad-hoc salary adjustments. Additionally, reserving even this small percentage of their budget ensures sufficient differentiation in salary increases are possible to deliver for high-performing and high-potential employees and supports retention efforts for highly strategic or mission-critical roles.”


Stable total budgets

In Canada, the average total budget remains at 4.0% for 2024, aligning with initial forecasts from the summer, excluding freezes.[3] Average total budget forecasts by ownership structure include:

  • Not-for-profit organizations: 4.3%
  • Privately held organizations (not listed on the stock market): 4.2%
  • Publicly traded organizations (listed on the stock market): 4.0%
  • Public and parapublic organizations: 3.8%


Total rewards, an integral part of the solution

With the pace of heightened salary increase budgets over the last few years appearing to settle, organizations must continue to strategize on how to effectively allocate their budgets across their workforce and maintain the overall competitiveness of their broader total rewards offering. Recognizing that increases to cash compensation is not the only effective way to compete for talent, 67% of participating organizations noted that a strategic priority for 2024 involves ensuring the competitiveness of their total rewards programs. Enhancing benefit and pension plans as well as non-monetary components for example, can help differentiate organizations from competitors.



The full report and interactive tool, with details by province, industry sector, size and type of organization, are available on the Normandin Beaudry website.

[1] Decreases in the initial salary increase budget can be observed in the following industries within the technology sector: software publishing, high-tech and electronic gaming and visual effects industries.

[2] Increases in the initial salary increase budget can be observed in the following industries: telecommunications, data processing/warehousing, public services, and energy, mining and metals industries.

[3] Total budget includes the salary increase budget and the additional budget.

About Normandin Beaudry

Founded in 1992, Normandin Beaudry is a leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services. From its offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City, close to 350 employees serve clients across Canada in eight areas of expertise: Pension and Savings, Pension Plan Administration, Investment Consulting, Group Benefits, Compensation, Health, Performance, and Communication. In 2023, Normandin Beaudry expanded its consulting reach with a new global joint venture, joining MBWL International as an equal and independent partner.


About our compensation expertise

Normandin Beaudry’s team of close to 40 compensation consultants is the largest in Canada. Through the sound and innovative use of data and technology, our versatile and creative experts provide their clients with unique and simple solutions that address their strategic and operational needs. For more information, visit

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CDNGLOBAL and Mohr Partners Unveil Strategic Partnership to Broaden Global Reach

Vancouver, BC and Dallas, TX – January 30, 2024 – CDNGLOBAL, a Canadian full-service commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm and Mohr Partners, Inc., a leading United States-based global corporate real estate advisory and outsourcing services firm, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to deliver occupier and capital markets solutions throughout North America. Together, CDNGLOBAL, Mohr Partners and their international partners in Mexico/Latin America, UK/EMEA and Asia Pacific have over 1,000 commercial real estate professionals covering 70 cities throughout the world.


The partnership between CDNGLOBAL and Mohr Partners is rooted in the firms’ common corporate values and structures. Both firms are privately owned, debt-free and committed to investing in best-in-class technology and data-driven tools that allow their clients and professionals to make informed decisions around site selection and capital markets.


CDNGLOBAL and Mohr Partners agreed to partner after both firms began collaborating on cross-border U.S. and Canadian client mandates in 2022. Both firms realized their mutual client-centric approaches to driving transaction-based solutions were very similar.


“The United States boasts the largest commercial real estate market globally so having a strategic partner with 24 offices across the country and two more underway is a game-changer. With our combined global reach, this strategic partnership positions us to serve companies worldwide, offering unparalleled expertise and support,” said Agron Miloti, CEO of CDNGLOBAL.


Robert Shibuya, Chairman and CEO of Mohr Partners, added: “We are thrilled to join forces with CDNGLOBAL, creating a synergy that leverages our respective strengths. We are confident in CDNGLOBAL’s highly experienced, senior team and anticipate continued growth, providing even greater value to our clients and solidifying our position as leaders in the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape.”


This collaboration signals the beginning of a growth trajectory, with both companies poised to explore further opportunities and expand their global footprint.





Proudly Canadian. Privately owned. Client focused.


A progressive team of leading real estate advisors focused on building strong relationships and powering prosperity through innovative commercial real estate solutions based on localized market intelligence, trust, and human connectivity. Designed to serve you better, CDNGLOBAL solutions are tailor-made to suit our clients’ short-term goals and long-term success. CDNGLOBAL provides a wide range of commercial real estate services including industrial, office, and retail leasing, capital markets, investment sales, and commercial real estate advisory services. With expert localized teams in every major Canadian market as well as strategic global partnerships, our clients gain access to any service they seek, in the markets they need, through a single point of contact – your strategic ally in business. Our team’s singular goal is to use our shared resources, expertise, and market intelligence, along with a collaborative and entrepreneurial approach, to deliver the single best strategic solution for each and every client. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, CDNGLOBAL has offices across Canada. For more information, please go to


About Mohr Partners

Mohr Partners, Inc. is a global corporate real estate advisory & outsourcing company, providing corporate occupiers with an integrated set of portfolio services including strategic planning, business intelligence, lease administration & accounting, research and site selection, labor analytics, project and construction management, comprehensive demographics analysis, economic incentives negotiations, transaction management and facility services. Since 1986, Mohr Partners has been managing real estate portfolios for corporations, and each year completes transactions for its clients in all 50 U.S. states, all provinces of Canada and locations around the world. Mohr Partners seamlessly provides corporate real estate services globally through its strategic alliance partners in Canada, Mexico/Latin America, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information on Mohr Partners, please visit


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MONTRÉAL, QC – (JANUARY 29, 2024) — BFL CANADA, a leader in the Risk Management, Insurance Brokerage, and Benefits consulting Industry, is delighted to announce its inclusion in Forbes’ prestigious list of Canada’s Best Employers 2024, ranking 193 out of 300. This recognition underscores BFL CANADA’s commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace environment and is a testament to the company’s dedication to employee engagement and well-being.


Forbes, in collaboration with market research firm Statista, conducted an independent survey that involved more than 40,000 employees across various industry sectors in Canada. The study focused on companies with a workforce of at least 500 individuals within the country. The Forbes ranking is based on a range of criteria, including salary, gender pay equity, work flexibility, opportunities for promotion, on-the-job training, and employee recommendations. With over 900,000 employer evaluations considered, BFL CANADA has secured its place among the top 300 companies.


“BFL CANADA’s inclusion in Canada’s Best Employers 2024 by Forbes is a testament to our commitment and engagement towards our employees. We understand that our strength lies in our people, and we are dedicated to investing in professional development as well as employee engagement. Our private business model is tied to our culture, making our company a great place to work,” said Lisa Giannone, President and COO of BFL CANADA.


BFL CANADA continues to set standards in the industry and beyond, nurturing a workplace culture that resonates with the aspirations of today’s workforce and ensuring they not only meet but exceed employee expectations.



Founded in 1987 by Barry F. Lorenzetti, BFL CANADA is one of the largest employee-owned and operated Risk Management, Insurance Brokerage, and Employee Benefits consulting services firms in North America. The firm has a team of over 1,300 professionals located in twenty-six cities across the country. BFL CANADA is a founding Partner of Lockton Global LLP, a partnership of independent insurance brokers who provide Risk Management, Insurance and Benefits Consulting services in over 140 countries around the world.


For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, X, and Facebook.

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FG276: Inspired by new beginnings

MarTech in 2024

Marketing Technology (MarTech), the fusion of marketing and technology, has evolved from a niche concept into a fundamental pillar for engaging customers, analyzing data, and driving sales.

MarTech is poised to grow exponentially this year, propelled by strides in AI, machine learning, big data, and tailored customer interactions.
#FunFact: Gartner forecasted that MarTech would be the second highest priority software investment this year at 28%, behind only IT security (32%).
What are some of the MarTech trends to look forward to this year?
  • Intensified AI-driven customization for personalized customer experiences.
  • Blockchain for enhanced security, transparency, and trustworthiness of marketing dealings.
  • Adapting marketing strategies to voice search will be crucial following the growing prevalence of voice-activated devices and virtual assistants,
  • Leveraging big data for enhanced customization.
  • Incorporating AR to create engaging, interactive customer experiences.
  • The emergence of customer data platforms that consolidate information enabling marketers to make more informed decisions and execute cohesive, omnichannel campaigns.
The surge in voice search optimization, the integration of AR in marketing, and the emphasis on data privacy and sustainability are indicative of a more nuanced, sophisticated approach to marketing.

Four Business Trends to Follow This Year

As we usher in 2024, our team has been taking time to reflect on last year and using those insights to anticipate the various factors that will influence businesses and individuals. Based on our research and expertise, here are the top four business trends you should watch for this year.

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Effective communication is the backbone of a successful investor relations (IR) program. Here are three top tips to enhance your approach from our Senior IR Consultant, Francois Kalos:
  • Transparency is key: Transparency builds trust and credibility, even in challenging times. Be open and honest with your investors.
  • Clear communication: Keep your messages simple and concise. Investors appreciate clarity and a straightforward understanding of your company’s activities, performance, and prospects. Craft a compelling narrative that supports your company’s vision and mission.
  • Engage Regularly: Maintain consistent communication with your investors. Whether it’s through press releases, social media, webcasts, or meetings. Staying connected keeps them informed and engaged.
Did you know that Zenergy offers comprehensive consulting tailored to meet your specific IR needs including curated programs? We’ve got experience in a range of industries including consumer products, fintech, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical and more.

What We’re Reading

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#FGStory: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io in Stunning Detail
NASA’s Juno space probe came within roughly 930 miles (1,500 km) from the surface Jupiter, the most volcanic planet in our solar system where scientists are looking at the 400 active volcanoes on its moon, Io. Specifically, they are investigating the source of Io’s massive volcanic activity, whether a magma ocean exists underneath its crust, and the importance of tidal forces from Jupiter.
More photos available here.

20 Years of Ideas in Action!

Our 20-year journey condensed into 2 minutes! It’s incredible to see all that we’ve accomplished and reflect on all the people we’ve met along the way.
Watch our video!

Here’s to the next 20 years…full speed ahead!


Four trends to follow in ‘24

As we usher in the New Year, our team has been taking time to reflect on 2023 and using those insights to anticipate the various factors that will influence businesses and individuals in the year ahead. Based on our research and expertise, here are the top four trends you should watch for in 2024.


1: The AI Renaissance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more than just a buzzword; it’s a transformative tool shaping the digital age. However, as we delve deeper into AI-driven solutions, the need for genuine human skills and emotions remains paramount. In 2024, we anticipate an exhilarating combination of AI technologies and human-centric strategies across various sectors. This synergy will not only increase efficiency but also ensure that technology continues to serve humanity rather than replace it.


2: Social Media: The Evolution of Engagement

As social media users become increasingly aware of digital burnout, 2024 will witness a shift in how consumers engage with various platforms. Instead of prolonged browsing and static content, consumers will gravitate towards more ephemeral and engaging formats. Specifically, Instagram stories will surpass traditional feed posts in popularity. For brands operating in the B2C realm, this signifies a pivotal moment: a transition towards more story-driven, transient content that fosters genuine connections and meaningful interactions with customers and prospects. In the B2B realm, businesses may begin to rely more heavily on LinkedIn to connect with prospects as new features emerge such as auto translations, real time insights into trending topics on company pages and live audio events.


3: Investor Relations: North American IPO Market Rejuvenation

The North American IPO landscape has experienced a significant lull, with 2023 marking one of its most challenging years in recent history. However, signs of resurgence are becoming evident as we transition into 2024. A lower interest rate environment coupled with a surge in equity financings and the tech sector’s robust performance, could set the stage for a potential IPO rebound. The intricate processes associated with IPOs, spanning regulatory approvals to financing, often require several months. Considering the conventional avoidance of IPOs during the summer, the latter part of 2024 appears to be a more plausible window for companies contemplating public listings.


4: Graphic Design: A Palette of Possibilities

2024 will be a year of bold experimentation in graphic design. We anticipate a departure from muted tones and subtle gradients, with designers embracing intense color schemes that grab attention and evoke visceral reactions. Innovative gradients will redefine the conventional boundaries of color transitions, ushering in a new era of visually striking and emotionally resonant design aesthetics.


2024 promises to be a year of innovation and transformation and we are committed to remaining one step ahead of trends affecting our industry and our clients.

Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and strategic perspectives from the Zenergy team.


Here’s to a prosperous and impactful 2024!


The five most important lessons we’ve learned after 20 years

This year Zenergy Communications is celebrating its 20th anniversary (yahoo)! Our journey has been filled with exciting challenges, creative breakthroughs, and memorable encounters with talented individuals.

To commemorate 20 years of ideas in action, our team got together and compiled a list of everything we’ve learned over the past two decades. It turns out…there was a LOT but we’ve managed to pare down the list into the five most valuable lessons that have been instrumental in shaping our identity, honing our skills, and ensuring success in the ever-evolving MARCOM landscape. We hope you find our insights helpful and informative.

Lesson 1: Adaptability is key

In the fast-paced world of MARCOM, the only constant is change. To thrive, we have had to and continue to embrace innovation, remain agile, and be ready to pivot when needed, especially as new technology and trends emerge. Adaptability has allowed us to stay relevant and deliver effective solutions to our clients. Being flexible and open minded is paramount. We’ve learned to avoid getting trapped in the mindset of, ‘that’s how we’ve always done it.’

Lesson 2: Relationships matter

We cannot overstate this! Our journey has been influenced by some truly incredible people and other people who were more…challenging. But every relationship is important. We’ve come to realize that fostering relationships and putting in effort to follow up and stay in touch with people we’ve met is paramount to success. We have never written off a connection we’ve made. In fact, our business was primarily built on referrals. Relations really do matter!

Lesson 3: The Client isn’t always right

We know…that’s a bold statement but hear us out! Our clients hire us to help bring their visions to life but they also hire us to provide feedback and expertise. There have been instances where the approach suggested by the client was unlikely to succeed, and we provided feedback and guidance that got the project back on course! We’ve always worked as an extension of our clients and take their business very seriously. Not every idea is realistic and in those instances, we help them adapt the thinking to ensure success.

Lesson 4: Don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach

Although many of our clients come to us with similar challenges, we always take a uniquely tailored approach for each one. Most companies are looking to drive awareness and sales but the omni-channel marketing strategy we implement will vary depending on a wide range of factors. We’ve learned the importance of managing our clients and their expectations instead of letting them manage us, understanding the ins and outs of their business in a holistic sense to provide them with the best support. This bespoke approach has allowed us to maintain the personal touch of a boutique agency even as we’ve grown and scaled our business.

Lesson 5: Find the purpose

Last but certainly not least, we’ve discovered that finding purpose in our work is the most rewarding aspect of what we do. Integrating our values and mission into each project has made our work much more fulfilling and authentic and helped us to develop an incredible roster of like-minded clients. A shared vision creates powerful connections and meaningful impact.

These lessons have been integral to our story. To our clients, colleagues and every person who has played a role, big or small, in shaping who we are today, thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to the next 20 years of ideas in action!


FG276: A focus on growth

Global Consumer Trends 2024

A recent report from Mintel, a Global Market Intelligence & Research Agency, outlined five trends that they believe will shape consumer behavior in 2024 and beyond.
Here are the highlights:
  • Being Human: In a world increasingly dominated by algorithms, we will need human skills and emotions to make the most of this technological revolution.
  • More Than Money: Consumers will reassess what matters most to them, affecting not only what they want and need, but their perception of what constitutes value.
  • Relationship Renaissance: Consumers who find comfort through screens at the cost of meaningful, real-life relationships, will seek new forms of intimacy for the sake of their physical and mental health.
  • New Green Reality: Incorporating sustainability into the day-to-day is not enough; consumers and brands will be faced with the reality that survival within a new climate context must be a priority.
  • Positive Perspectives: Brands and consumers will work together in new ways to deal with uncertainty.

Video Marketing

Although video marketing isn’t a novel concept, its prevalence has surged due to platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and similar video channels. The fleeting essence of this content, coupled with its captivating visual allure, harmonizes seamlessly with the diminishing attention spans of contemporary audiences. Have a look at how our clients have harnessed videos for advertising as well as for narrative storytelling, unveiling new products, and even showcasing customer testimonials.
Watch a sampling of Zenergy’s client creative on our YouTube account.

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#Zenergy20: Here is some of the work that we’re proud of!

As a dynamic full-service MARCOM agency, we are always looking ahead at what’s next for the industry and for our clients. This year we’ve also been doing a lot of reflecting about the last 20 years and looking back at all that we’ve learned and accomplished. Here are just a few highlights and projects that we’ve been lucky enough to create alongside our wonderful clients over the years.

Watch the video 

What’s Your Outlook on MARCOM 2024?

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy whereby a company rewards individuals or other businesses (affiliates) for driving sales. Affiliates earn a commission or a predefined reward for each customer they bring through their efforts.
In 2023, global affiliate marketing was a US$13 billion industry, and projections for 2024 suggest a continued upward trajectory of 10% year-over-year growth. Although affiliate marketing has long been associated with B2C, it has been on the rise in the B2B space.
  • Nearly 19% of affiliate marketers work in the B2B space.
  • 12% sell B2B products.
  • 6% sell B2B services.
The key to affiliate marketing is a shared vision and purpose between two platforms. It’s not merely about entering into partnerships for the sake of sales but rather a strategic alliance that echoes and supports your business objectives. The challenge lies in carefully vetting potential partners to ensure alignment with your brand’s goals and fostering meaningful engagements that contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship.
We’re very excited to be launching our newest social media segment, InspIRe, hosted by Zenergy’s own senior consult, Francois Kalos. This monthly segment will take you inside the world of investor relations offering tips, tricks and wisdom to help you communicate effectively with your investors.
Be sure to watch for these posts starting in January!

What We’re Reading

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B2B Shifts to Account-Based Marketing in 2024

Lead generation is an objective that marketers are all too familiar with, however a shift is anticipated in 2024 with account-based marketing (ABM) taking front stage.
ABM is about fostering relationships between a brand and a potential consumer, and once that relationship is firmly established, leading them down the sales funnel. What sets ABM apart is its continued commitment beyond mere conversion but rather focusing on amplifying the depth and quality of client relationships.
#FunFacts: Marketing and sales teams that take an ABM approach together can be up to 6% more likely to exceed their revenue goals than teams less ABM-advanced. Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 36% higher customer retention rates.

#FGStory: Detroit’s Newest Road Can Now Charge Electric Cars as They Drive on it!

Detroit, Michigan celebrated a major milestone in the future of vehicle electrification as crews finished installing the nation’s first wireless-charging public roadway. Using technology from Electreon, Detroit’s 14th Street is now equipped with inductive-charging coils that will charge electric vehicles equipped with receivers as they drive on the road.
The road will be used to test and perfect new wireless-charging technology in a real-world environment to perfect it ahead of making it available to the public in the next few years.

From our Founder

“Expect an exhilarating fusion of technology and human-centric strategies for 2024 as it pertains to marketing. Brands mastering tech’s prowess while embracing personalized nuances are poised for success. In a swiftly evolving landscape, adaptability and innovation will be of utmost importance.”
Linda Farha
Founder and President
Zenergy Communications

Celebrating Five Years of Success in Toronto: Normandin Beaudry Marks Milestone Anniversary



Montréal, Québec and Toronto, Ontario – December 5, 2023 – Normandin Beaudry, a leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services, celebrated the fifth anniversary of its presence in Toronto. This notable milestone underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to serving Canadian clients coast-to-coast and those with cross-border requirements through a recent joint venture with MBWL International (MBWL).


“The team at Normandin Beaudry is immensely proud to be celebrating this milestone of progress, innovation, and growth. We have always been and remain strongly committed to delivering excellence to our Canadian clients. Our ongoing expansion of Total Rewards practices in Toronto, coupled with our pan-Canadian survey, remun, our global partnership with MBWL, and the addition of prominent clients over the past few years, underscores the trust our team of experts has built by meeting and exceeding client needs,” said Éric Montminy, President at Normandin Beaudry. 


Normandin Beaudry’s Toronto office Market Leader and Senior Principal, Emmanuele (Manny) Campione, stated: “We continue to expand and to add new consultants across numerous practices, all who will focus on prioritizing independence and quality while consistently delivering exceptional value to clients.”  Normandin Beaudry’s Toronto team now boasts 20 dedicated consultants in Compensation, Performance, Group Benefits, Savings, and Communications with new practices and specialists slated to be added in 2024.


Normandin Beaudry recently announced a new partnership with MBWL to extend its services to Canadian companies with cross-border requirements. Normandin Beaudry joined as an equal and independent partner alongside MBWL’s already strong, multinational presence across the UK, US, Germany, and over 30 other countries worldwide.


About Normandin Beaudry

Founded in 1992, Normandin Beaudry is a leader in actuarial and total rewards consulting services. From its offices in Montréal, Toronto, and Québec City, nearly 350 employees serve clients across Canada in eight areas of expertise: Pension and Savings, Pension Plan Administration, Investment Consulting, Group Benefits, Compensation, Health, Performance, and Communication.

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