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January 9, 2024

FG276: Inspired by new beginnings

Volume 13, Edition 2

MarTech in 2024

Marketing Technology (MarTech), the fusion of marketing and technology, has evolved from a niche concept into a fundamental pillar for engaging customers, analyzing data, and driving sales.

MarTech is poised to grow exponentially this year, propelled by strides in AI, machine learning, big data, and tailored customer interactions.
#FunFact: Gartner forecasted that MarTech would be the second highest priority software investment this year at 28%, behind only IT security (32%).
What are some of the MarTech trends to look forward to this year?
  • Intensified AI-driven customization for personalized customer experiences.
  • Blockchain for enhanced security, transparency, and trustworthiness of marketing dealings.
  • Adapting marketing strategies to voice search will be crucial following the growing prevalence of voice-activated devices and virtual assistants,
  • Leveraging big data for enhanced customization.
  • Incorporating AR to create engaging, interactive customer experiences.
  • The emergence of customer data platforms that consolidate information enabling marketers to make more informed decisions and execute cohesive, omnichannel campaigns.
The surge in voice search optimization, the integration of AR in marketing, and the emphasis on data privacy and sustainability are indicative of a more nuanced, sophisticated approach to marketing.

Four Business Trends to Follow This Year

As we usher in 2024, our team has been taking time to reflect on last year and using those insights to anticipate the various factors that will influence businesses and individuals. Based on our research and expertise, here are the top four business trends you should watch for this year.

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Effective communication is the backbone of a successful investor relations (IR) program. Here are three top tips to enhance your approach from our Senior IR Consultant, Francois Kalos:
  • Transparency is key: Transparency builds trust and credibility, even in challenging times. Be open and honest with your investors.
  • Clear communication: Keep your messages simple and concise. Investors appreciate clarity and a straightforward understanding of your company’s activities, performance, and prospects. Craft a compelling narrative that supports your company’s vision and mission.
  • Engage Regularly: Maintain consistent communication with your investors. Whether it’s through press releases, social media, webcasts, or meetings. Staying connected keeps them informed and engaged.
Did you know that Zenergy offers comprehensive consulting tailored to meet your specific IR needs including curated programs? We’ve got experience in a range of industries including consumer products, fintech, manufacturing, technology, pharmaceutical and more.

What We’re Reading

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#FGStory: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io in Stunning Detail
NASA’s Juno space probe came within roughly 930 miles (1,500 km) from the surface Jupiter, the most volcanic planet in our solar system where scientists are looking at the 400 active volcanoes on its moon, Io. Specifically, they are investigating the source of Io’s massive volcanic activity, whether a magma ocean exists underneath its crust, and the importance of tidal forces from Jupiter.
More photos available here.

20 Years of Ideas in Action!

Our 20-year journey condensed into 2 minutes! It’s incredible to see all that we’ve accomplished and reflect on all the people we’ve met along the way.
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Here’s to the next 20 years…full speed ahead!

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