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April 29, 2022

FGF: Billy Joel, billions of tulips, B2B video rankings, and more!

Volume 3, Edition 109

The Importance of Brand Consistency

Brand consistency can help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition, become more memorable and desirable among consumers, and spark growth through authenticity and trust. Although 95% of brands have some form of content guidelines, only 25% regularly enforce them (source: Shutterstock).

A brand consistency checklist can help reflect on your content’s purpose and message. Here are the elements you should examine for variability:

  • Message
  • Target audience
  • Voice
  • Terminology
  • Punctuation writing style

Brand consistency means making sure your words, design, perspective, and offerings all relate to the way you want to express your brand.

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LinkedIn Pages that post weekly have 6x more followers and their following grows 5x faster than Pages that post monthly. Source: LinkedIn

#FGFStory: Parodies of Billy Joel, Vanilla Ice and More to Teach Math

Middle-school math teacher Simon Macfarlane of Oklahoma creates parodies of well-known songs to help students remember math facts, such as rewording Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” into “C’s the Longest Side – the Pythagorean Theorem song”. Macfarlane plays as many as 11 different characters in the YouTube videos, including one called “Nice Nice Functions” that explains slope, rise, y-intercept and others, based on Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”.

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Interactive Ad Engagement Reaches 21%

Nearly 21% of US and Canadian TV viewers report having used their phone to scan a QR code in a show or ad, and the same percentage report having tapped on an interactive ad on their smartphone or tablet. Source: TiVo

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B2B Buyers Rank Video Content Types

According to a study by Brightcove and Ascend2, B2B buyers say that the most helpful types of videos when making purchasing decisions are those that educate them on products or services, help them solve or understand problems, and show them what other customers say about services or products. The top types of videos watched by B2B buyers in the last three months are product reviews and demonstrations, tutorials, and live videos.

Holland is the largest producer of tulips worldwide, exporting about three billion bulbs per year.

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