#FGF: Grasspaper, cool neighborhoods, fractionalization, immersive art, and more!

Volume 2, Edition 83


#Report: The State of B2B Content Marketing

Some 43% of business-to-business marketers saw an increase in their 2021 content marketing budget and 66% expect to see more of the same in 2022, according to a report by ON24, Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs. 
Here are some of the key findings:
  • The top three categories for increased content spending next year are video, events and owned media.
  • Content assets that delivered the best results this year are digital events, research reports and short articles.
  • The top three goals advanced by content are brand awareness, creating trust and educating audiences.


Instagram Adds Scheduling + ‘Practice Mode’ for Live Creators

Instagram is helping Live creators around the globe drum up interest by being able to schedule events and share the news with followers who then can set event reminders. A Practice Mode also is set to launch shortly to perfect presentations before going live.


Reviews Used to be a Nice-to-Have. Now, They’re a Must-Have

Review importance, influence, and consumption are rapidly increasing in consumer mindshare. In our digital marketplace reviews can be the first link to connecting your business with consumers.
#FunFacts from a recent survey by Podium:
  • 88% of customers say reviews influence them in discovering a local business 
  • 23% of customers have read an online review in the last day, and 65% have read one in the last week
  • 83% of customers say that reviews must be recent and relevant in order to care about them


#FunFact: Gen Z a Major Force on Twitter

Twitter research has revealed that 16 to 24 years olds, Gen Z, accounted for nearly 50% of US-based tweets over the past 12 months. With 70% of Gen Z respondents saying that they use the social network to learn about new products.


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#FGFStory: Paper Made from Grass

Processing wood into paper requires a lot of water, energy, and chemicals. Creapaper mixes in grass, reducing the need for trees—and all the resources necessary to process them. According to Creapaper, their material can cut water use during paper production by 99%, save 97% of the energy use, and reduce CO2 emissions by at least 70% because of the energy savings. 

Social Concerns Driving Content of Global Brands

Shutterstock reports thar social movements such as Stop Asian Hate and Black Lives Matter significantly drove content for 63% of global marketers over the past year, and 65% concur that diversity plays an important role in audience targeting. Visual diversity is a difficult goal for 44% of respondents and 76% think there’s still room for growth in terms of representation.


TikTok Shares New Insights into Halloween Engagement Trends

TikTok released data and an infographic that shares insights about Halloween engagement on their platform. The top content categories for last year’s Halloween included lip-sync singing, acting/dialogue, and comedy/dance. Top hashtags included #trickortreat with 336 billion views, #halloween with 20 billion views, #halloweenlook with 4.5 billion views and #halloweenmakeup with 1.2 billion views.


#ClientNews: Image Totale©

Zenergy’s New York PR team has been working hand-in-hand with the French artistic directors of Image Totale, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, to draw awareness to the art and technology behind their ground-breaking immersive experiences. Annabelle and Julien were the first to create immersive art exhibits allowing spectators “to experience the emotional depth of the artwork in a much more personal and ethereal way, to feel more deeply connected to the artist.”


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