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December 12, 2023

FG276: A focus on growth

Volume 13, Edition 2

Global Consumer Trends 2024

A recent report from Mintel, a Global Market Intelligence & Research Agency, outlined five trends that they believe will shape consumer behavior in 2024 and beyond.
Here are the highlights:
  • Being Human: In a world increasingly dominated by algorithms, we will need human skills and emotions to make the most of this technological revolution.
  • More Than Money: Consumers will reassess what matters most to them, affecting not only what they want and need, but their perception of what constitutes value.
  • Relationship Renaissance: Consumers who find comfort through screens at the cost of meaningful, real-life relationships, will seek new forms of intimacy for the sake of their physical and mental health.
  • New Green Reality: Incorporating sustainability into the day-to-day is not enough; consumers and brands will be faced with the reality that survival within a new climate context must be a priority.
  • Positive Perspectives: Brands and consumers will work together in new ways to deal with uncertainty.

Video Marketing

Although video marketing isn’t a novel concept, its prevalence has surged due to platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and similar video channels. The fleeting essence of this content, coupled with its captivating visual allure, harmonizes seamlessly with the diminishing attention spans of contemporary audiences. Have a look at how our clients have harnessed videos for advertising as well as for narrative storytelling, unveiling new products, and even showcasing customer testimonials.
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#Zenergy20: Here is some of the work that we’re proud of!

As a dynamic full-service MARCOM agency, we are always looking ahead at what’s next for the industry and for our clients. This year we’ve also been doing a lot of reflecting about the last 20 years and looking back at all that we’ve learned and accomplished. Here are just a few highlights and projects that we’ve been lucky enough to create alongside our wonderful clients over the years.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy whereby a company rewards individuals or other businesses (affiliates) for driving sales. Affiliates earn a commission or a predefined reward for each customer they bring through their efforts.
In 2023, global affiliate marketing was a US$13 billion industry, and projections for 2024 suggest a continued upward trajectory of 10% year-over-year growth. Although affiliate marketing has long been associated with B2C, it has been on the rise in the B2B space.
  • Nearly 19% of affiliate marketers work in the B2B space.
  • 12% sell B2B products.
  • 6% sell B2B services.
The key to affiliate marketing is a shared vision and purpose between two platforms. It’s not merely about entering into partnerships for the sake of sales but rather a strategic alliance that echoes and supports your business objectives. The challenge lies in carefully vetting potential partners to ensure alignment with your brand’s goals and fostering meaningful engagements that contribute to a mutually beneficial relationship.
We’re very excited to be launching our newest social media segment, InspIRe, hosted by Zenergy’s own senior consult, Francois Kalos. This monthly segment will take you inside the world of investor relations offering tips, tricks and wisdom to help you communicate effectively with your investors.
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What We’re Reading

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B2B Shifts to Account-Based Marketing in 2024

Lead generation is an objective that marketers are all too familiar with, however a shift is anticipated in 2024 with account-based marketing (ABM) taking front stage.
ABM is about fostering relationships between a brand and a potential consumer, and once that relationship is firmly established, leading them down the sales funnel. What sets ABM apart is its continued commitment beyond mere conversion but rather focusing on amplifying the depth and quality of client relationships.
#FunFacts: Marketing and sales teams that take an ABM approach together can be up to 6% more likely to exceed their revenue goals than teams less ABM-advanced. Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams experience 36% higher customer retention rates.

#FGStory: Detroit’s Newest Road Can Now Charge Electric Cars as They Drive on it!

Detroit, Michigan celebrated a major milestone in the future of vehicle electrification as crews finished installing the nation’s first wireless-charging public roadway. Using technology from Electreon, Detroit’s 14th Street is now equipped with inductive-charging coils that will charge electric vehicles equipped with receivers as they drive on the road.
The road will be used to test and perfect new wireless-charging technology in a real-world environment to perfect it ahead of making it available to the public in the next few years.

From our Founder

“Expect an exhilarating fusion of technology and human-centric strategies for 2024 as it pertains to marketing. Brands mastering tech’s prowess while embracing personalized nuances are poised for success. In a swiftly evolving landscape, adaptability and innovation will be of utmost importance.”
Linda Farha
Founder and President
Zenergy Communications
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