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February 14, 2023

FG276: For the love of love

Volume 4, Edition 2

#ClientNews: For the Love of Omni-Channel Marketing

Retail Strategies, a US-based consulting firm that works with communities across America on economic development and downtown revitalization, approached Zenergy Communications to develop collaborative MARCOM projects including a new module entitled ‘Retail Through the Lens of Omni-Channel.’ Supported by an overarching webinar and six Zenergy-led sessions guiding small business owners through the process of creating marketing campaigns using relevant channels, platforms, and devices. Overall, the module provides an integrated understanding of omni-channel and digital marketing possibilities for retailers along with one-on-one sessions for personalized support.

#ProInsights: For the Love of Creative Design

Zenergy’s creative design team, headed up by Senior Art Director Shehla Shahid, has designed and produced creative content for clients across the globe. From print and digital ads to tradeshow booths and videos, our creative team develops cutting-edge designs.
Here are some of Shehla’s insights into the most popular design trends this year. #ShehlaSays:
  • Vibrant color palettes
  • Animated infographics
  • Heightened sensitivity to personalized creative design
  • Creative lines to tell a story
Check out other designs on our new website’s portfolio page.

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For the Love of Customer Segmentation

Knowing your target customers’ demographics, geographic, psychographic, technographic, behavioral, needs-based, and/or values, and then segmenting them into personas is very helpful when developing personalized content. This can be a challenging process but worth the effort as it will prove to make campaigns more successful since they will resonate with customers far better.
Here are some of the business benefits of customer segmentation:
  • Improving your product/service since you will have a better understanding of the end consumer.
  • Focusing your messaging and promotions allowing you to craft more engaging, personalized messages, leading to increased customer retention.
  • Identifying new sales opportunities, making you more efficient as you will focus your resources in a thoughtful manner.
  • Gaining a competitive advantage by having a greater understanding of customers’ expectations and building brand loyalty.
  • Benefiting from economies of scale as focused targeting will enable you to accurately allocate time and money and help gain economies of scale.
Download our Customer Segmentation Worksheet.

#DidYouKnow: For the Love of a Good Nap

You probably know that snails are pretty slow creatures, but #DYK that they also take the longest naps? One nap can last up to three years!

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