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December 3, 2021

FGF: Curate your online self, LinkedIn Live, YouTube top 10, and more!

Volume 2, Edition 90

#Predictions: Biggest Consumer Trends of 2022

Analysts at GWI have put together a new report predicting the biggest consumers trends hitting 2022 using a blend of behavioral, demographic and psychographic data.

Here is a highlight of the six trends they’ve identified:

  • Pursuit of purpose – outlooks towards work and living going forward
  • Inclusive beauty – the future of beauty and the expectations around it
  • Attention economy – new media habits and preferences
  • Curated online self – how people will present themselves online
  • New wave of wellbeing – how people will improve physical and psychological wellness
  • Future of cryptocurrency – the next step for this financial phenomenon

Read the full report.


60% of marketers state that their main goal for influencer marketing is to drive sales. (Source: INMAR Intelligence)

#ProTip: When working with influencers, it is imperative to think through all the interactions the consumer will have with the influencer along the buying journey.

LinkedIn Offers Live, Newsletter Tools to Select Creators

LinkedIn is enhancing its Creator Mode with newsletter and amplification tools, and by giving select users the ability to tap LinkedIn Live solutions to reach more people within the app. According to LinkedIn, users are 20 times more apt to share a video across their platform than any other form of post. Additionally, live videos garner seven times more reactions than native ones and 24 times more comments.

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#FGFStory: Spectacular Coral Event This Year Spawns Hope

And Billions of Babies for Great Barrier Reef

Oceanographers enjoyed a burst of color and life flowing forth in the annual spawning of coral from the Great Barrier Reef last week. Taking place after the November full moon, researchers witnessed a banner year that inspired hope for the revitalization of the world’s coral reefs.

At the iconic reef off the coast of Cairns, Queensland, different corals synchronized the release of their spawn, which look almost like the shaking of a giant snow globe.

Watch the video.

YouTube Reveals its Best of 2021 Lists

YouTube published details of the most popular content so far this year on its platform, spanning ads, videos, creators and music. The top three ads, in order, were “Alexa’s Body” for Amazon, “#TheGOATin5G” for T-Mobile, and HBO Max’s trailer for “Justice League,” while the top creator was MrBeast, who also created the top trending video, “I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive.

Ad Spending 2021: A Record Setting Year

Led by an unprecedented expansion in digital advertising, total worldwide ad spending will set a record for growth this year, with traditional and digital posting their highest rates of increase since eMarketer began tracking these categories internationally.

2021 is one for the record books and here is how eMarketer is predicting the year will close out:

  • Total worldwide ad spending increasing 19.9% to $780.59B.
  • Worldwide digital ad spending is expected to surge by 29.1% to $491.7B.
  • Display and search ad spending are both rebounding with gusto with growth at rates 30.8% and 29.3%, respectively.

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#IdeasInAction: Ideas we Love

Toronto is replacing air conditioners with deep lake water to cool hundreds of buildings. 180 Toronto buildings have ditched energy intensive air-conditioning in favor of cooling by pumping frigid waters from the depths of Lake Ontario through pipes in the walls and floors. Altogether the 54 million ft2 of real estate saves 90,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, enough to power 25,000 homes. Learn more about the Deep Lake Water Cooling system of Toronto. #IdeasInAction

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