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March 25, 2022

FGF: Sustainable business tips, paid + earned media, BeOurGuest, and more!

Volume 3, Edition 104

Combine Earned and Paid Media for Success

Investing in developing a brand’s content by leveraging paid placements that align with earned media is a chance to both maximize brand value and increase bottom line results. Here are a few reasons to consider this strategy:

  • You own the narrative
  • Easy to measure ROI
  • Extends the life of your content
  • Results in top-tier placement

#ProTip: Paid media can include sponsored content, branded journalism, e-books, and other formats to supplement display ads, boosted social posts, Google AdWords, etc.

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Tips for a Sustainable Business

To keep customer loyalty and win new business, companies are making sustainability a top priority. Here are five sustainable business tips:

  • Measure your emissions.
  • Try an emissions app to start an employee sustainability program.
  • Make a plan and list the actions required.
  • Remeber to support local.
  • Reduce or eliminate swag (promotional merchandise).

#ShoutOut to our client Uniboard on their environmental policy that is based on the sustainable use of natural resources and was implemented with the health and well-being of their employees, customers, and the community in mind.

#FunFact: A staggering 73% of consumers will change their consumption habits to reduce environmental impact. Source: Nielsen

Are you Hitting the Strip? Book a Meeting!

Thousands of professionals attend Shoptalk each year. From established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, to investors, real estate operators, media, and more they come to learn, collaborate and create the future of retail during four days of curated meetings, productive networking and facilitated social engagements.

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#FGFStory: New Plant-Derived Sustainable ‘Plastic’ is Tough as Bone and Hard as Aluminum

The strongest part of a tree is its microscopic cells called cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs). An MIT team has engineered a composite made mostly from CNCs, mixed with a bit of synthetic polymer, that is stronger and tougher than some types of bone and harder than typical aluminum alloys. Plus they have developed a recipe that can be fabricated using either 3D printing or conventional casting methods.

The research team’s results are published in the journal Cellulose.


Amazon will account for 39.5% of all US retail ecommerce sales in 2022, or nearly $2 or every $5 spent online. Source: eMarketer

Report: A look at Q1 Consumer App Activity

Consumer spending on apps has increased by more than 40% during the past two years with TikTok, YouTube and Tinder leading the way for the first quarter of 2022, according to Instagram held the top spot, followed by TikTok and Facebook.

Read the full report here.

Five Tips for B2B Paid Media

Here are five ideas you can explore, test, or implement depending on your organization’s level of paid media emphasis and sophistication:

Make first-party data a top priority. Browser and operating system restrictions, consumer actions, privacy regulations, and walled gardens are limiting advertisers’ ability to collect and process data.

Play the long game with always-on advertising. Make sure you reserve a portion of your paid media budget for ads that are always on and working to seed future demand.

Invest in creative excellence. B2B advertising can be a bit boring, so spice up your advertising creative with concepts that engage your audience, reinforce your brand promise, and highlight your differentiating value, instead of just promoting the latest white paper or event registration.

Work well with walled gardens. Many B2B publishers are turning the business internet into ‘walled gardens’ by requiring subscriptions from their visitors to read content and limiting advertiser access to their subscribers’ data. Plan for more direct media buys, and use platforms with direct publisher relationships to keep your advertising running within the walls.

Support niche and local publishers. Small publishers that attract B2B buyers are a great place to focus some of your paid media spending because you can extend your audience reach and give your brand a dose of goodwill when readers realize your company is supporting their favorite niche content.

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