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April 8, 2022

FGF: Videos, podcasts, hamburger rain, B2B buying journey, and more!

Volume 3, Edition 106

Adapt YouTube Marketing to Appeal to Today’s Consumer

Brands that want to engage with adults on YouTube are best to focus their efforts on YouTube Shorts (surpassed 15 billion daily views) and live videos, one of the top social media drivers.

#FunFact: Of YouTube’s audience, adults spend an average of 42 minutes per day on the platform.

To tap into this audience, it’s important to keep changing strategies to match their preferences by following marketing trends. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Short-form content rules
  • Live videos will continue to gain popularity
  • Well-structured videos are a must
  • Shopping on YouTube is a reality
  • Community relationships matter more

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One-third of internet users have watched a tutorial or how-to video this week! People seek out video as a teaching tool: take that as inspiration for your own content calendar and produce videos that walk viewers through how to use your product or service. Source: Hootsuite

Key Considerations for B2B Podcasts

B2B podcasts can deliver multiple benefits such as increased brand authority, audience engagement and lead generation. However, it is important to ensure that you develop a ‘unique, authentic voice’ while balancing brand messaging with expert content, aligning topics with customer needs, and establishing the right show format.

In the B2B context, some common reasons to start a podcast include:

  • Building brand awareness, credibility, and authority.
  • Generating demand since podcasts can be a tool to acquire prospects and influence existing customers.
  • Strengthening the omnichannel experience.
  • Engaging and retaining existing customers by leveraging exclusive, differentiated content they won’t find elsewhere.
  • Creating an alternate revenue stream with complementary sponsorships, subscriptions, and branded content.
  • Using them as part of employee and partner communication programs.

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#FGFStory: Wife Wins Bet with Lego Tower

A TikTok video showing Jessica Cook build a tower using Lego bricks that reached her ceiling has attracted 6.4 million views and 1.3 million likes. The clip shows Cook explaining that her efforts were in response to a bet by her husband and took around six hours to finish with the help of her kids.


“The average B2B buyer consumes 13 items of content before making a purchase or contacting a sales executive.”

Liudmila Klimusheuskaja
Marketing Research Analyst at Exadel

#ClientNews: Trial of Go MUVE app “a Resounding Success”

Declares Montréal transit authority

The Montréal transit authority, STM, just released the results of its trial of MUVE’s accessible transportation app, Go MUVE, and Éric Alan Caldwell, Chair of the STM Board of Directors declared: “This trial was a resounding success.”

Zenergy has been working for MUVE since the fall of 2021 to drive awareness of the company and its suite of mobility ecosystem technologies, namely its Go MUVE app. Engaged originally for public relations surrounding the STM trial, Zenergy has been retained to continue working with the company on all their marketing-communications needs

Learn about MUVE and their inclusive mobility app on LinkedIn.

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Raindrops are shaped like hamburger buns. As a rain drop falls, it becomes less spherical in shape and becomes more flattened on the bottom like a hamburger bun. Source: NASA

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